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Rivera-Drivers Ed

BTHS - Drivers Ed- Chapters 1 & 10

Having a driver license is a ________ not a right. privilege
Report a change of address within _____ week/s. 1
A New Jersey drivers license is good for how many years? 4
If you move into New Jersey from out-of-state or out-of-country, you must apply for a New Jersey license within ____ days. 60
Name two types of New Jersey licenses. Probational and Basic
What is the minimum age for a basic automobile license in New Jersey? 18 years old
In New Jersey, a _____ is issued before a license is granted. permit
Name the restrictions a special learners permit has. 1)no driving bet. 11:01pm & 5:00am 2)No cell phones video games etc 3)must have an adult over 21 who has a NJ license & 3 yrs of driving exp. 4)Passengers must be dependents plus 1 add. pass. unless accompanied by a parent or guardian 5)wear a sealtbelt
The special learner permit may not be used for behind-the-wheel instruction until successful completion of what two tests? MVC knowledge and Vision
Altering a license or showing an altered license may result in a fine of up to $______ or up to ____ months in prison, and the loss of your driving privilege. $1,000 and 6 months
While practice driving with a valid permit ___ and your ____ may be charged for any traffic violations. you and your instructor
What three items must you have with you when driving? license, car insurance, and car registration
Report a name change within ___ week/s. 2
If your driver license is lost or stolen, report it first to the ____. police
What is the most common restriction on a driver license? corrective lenses
A supervising driver of someone with a permit must meet the following requirements: 1) be 21 years of age or older 2) NJ licensed driver 3) 3 years of valid license
With a probational license for someone under 21 they may drive unsupervised when: They complete: 1) 6 months of supervised driving 2) pass a road test 3) have no suspensions or postponements
A probabtional or permit driver over the age of 21 has the following hourly restrictions: none
If you do not follow the rules for permits or probational licenses, what are the consequences? 1) fine of $100 2) suspension of driving privilege
Name restrictions for an examination permit. 1)no driving bet. 11:01pm and 5:00am 2)No cell/video games etc. 3)permit holder must be acc. by one w/ a valid NJ lic. over the age of 21 w/ 3 yrs. of driving exp. 4)seat belt 5) one add. person in the car beside dependents unless acc. by parent/guardian
How long must you have a probational license for? 1 year
Name restrictions for a probational drivers license. 1)no driving bet. 11:01pm and 5:00am 2)No cell/video games etc. 3)no 21 yr. old driver needed 4)seat belt 5) one add. person in the car beside dependents unless acc. by parent/guardian
What is the youngest age you can be to get a special learner permit? 16
What is the youngest age you can be for a probational license? 17
What is a Special Learners Permit? 1) Be at least 16 years old 2) 6 hours of behind the wheel 3) knowledge and vision test 4) have permit until you are 17 years old
What three things must you have at the time of your road test? car registration and insurance cards and permit
What is an Examination Permit? 1) If you do not get a Special Learners Permit at 16, you get an Examination Permit at 17 years old or older 2) do not have to have 6 hours behind the wheel 3) knowledge and vision test 4) practice for 6 months
What is a Probational License? 1) get it at 17 years or older 2) must pass road test 3) restrictions until 18 years old 4) must have for 1 year
What is a Basic License? 1) must be 18 years or older 2) no restrictions
What happens if you get a driver license illegally? fine from $200 to $500 and/or jail of 30 to 90 days
A GDL Probational driver must display 2 red reflective stickers where on the car? front & back license plates
A permit driver over the age of 21 must practice supervised driving for how long before a road test? 3 months
Created by: Mrs. N. Rivera