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Anathema somebody or something that is greatly disliked or detested and is therefore shunned syn: abomination abhorrence ant: blessing; praise
Banter lighthearted teasing or amusing remarks that are exchanged between people syn: joshing
Castigate to criticize or rebuke somebody or somebody's behavior severely syn: reprimand; chastice ant: praise
Docile quiet, easy to control, and unlikely to cause trouble syn: submissive; compliant ant: unmanageable; willful
Emaciated extremely thin, especially because of starvation or illness syn: withered ant: plump; fattened
Gauche lacking grace or tact in social situations; awkward syn: awkward ant: graceful
Heresy an opinion or belief that contradicts established religious teaching, especially one that is officially condemned by a religious authority ant: orthodoxy
Ignominy an incurring of public disgrace, shame or dishonor syn: disgrace; infamy ant: renown; eminence; repute
Libation a liquid, e.g. wine or oil, poured out as a religious offering syn: cocktail
Motley consisting of people or things that are very different from one another and do not seem to belong together syn: varied ant: uniform; homogeneous; similar
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