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"Monkey's Paw"

Book review

What was the name of the man who brought the monkey's paw to the White's house. Sgt. Major Morris
What was the mood of the Monkey's Paw in the introduction? Scary, dark, depressing.
What does the word Bibulous mean? Inclined to drink.
What was Mr. White's first wish for? 200lbs to clear the house.
How would you describe Sgt. Major Morris? Tall, burly, beady of eye, and rubicund of visage
Which season did the story take place? Winter
What actions show that Mr. White is a risk taker? When he plays chess, and when he reaches into the fire to get the paw.
What is the climax of the "Monkey's Paw?" Mrs. White opens the door and Herbert is not there after Mr. White wishes his last wish.
How did Herbert die? Caught in the machinery.
What was the name of the firm/company Herbert worked for? Maw and Meggins
What was the setting or (exposition) of "The Monkey's Pay?" The White family house. A desolate rainy night, Parlor of Lakesnam Villa
What type of conflict took place in "The Monkey's Paw?" Man vs Fate or Man vs "The Monkey's paw."
Created by: buhle on 2009-10-23

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