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Grammar vocabulary_1

basic grammar vocabulary to use for editing

person, place or thing noun
a word that shows an action or state of being He eats bread. She is tired. verb
a word that describes a noun She is pretty. adjective
a, an, the Ex: The sun is shining. articles
word that modifies or changes the meaning of a verb, adjective, sentence or another adverb. ___+ly ex. She drove slowly. adverb
the use of marks (. , ! ? ") in writing so that people can see when a sentence begins and ends, that something is a question, etc. punctuation
1 object or person Ex: an apple singular noun
more than one object or person Ex: apples plural noun
small word that shows a relationship between two things. Ex: My hat is ON my head preposition
the noun or noun phrase of the main verb of the sentence. Ex: My grandfather died before I was born. subject
a word that takes the place of a noun. Ex: Rachel is in Albany. She is my sister. pronoun
the person or thing affected by the verb. She hit the ball. (ball gets hit!) object
a form of a verb that shows either past, present or future. Ex. She went home. (past verb tense) verb tense
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