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biochem enzymes nbde

hexokinase 1st phosphorylation of glycolysis
glucose 6 phosphatase opposite of hexokinase reaction but in gluconeogenesis. Def = Von Gierke's
G-6-P dehydrogenase takes G6P into HMP shunt
transketolase brings back R5P to glycolytic pathway from HMP shunt as F6P
PFK Rate limiting of glycolysis, adds 2nd phosphate to glucose to make F1,6,BP
Aldolase breaks F16BP to 2-3 carbon molecules, glyceraldehyde and HDAP.
Pyruvate kinase Removes the last phosphate from PEP to make pyruvate
pyruvate dehydrogenase makes acetyl-coa from pyruvate to go into TCA
pyruvate carboxylase makes oxaloacetate directly from pyruvate, part of gluconeogenesis
PEP carboxykinase takes oxaloacetate back up skipping pyruvate and going directly to PEP for gluconeogenesis
citrate synthase 1st step in tca. makes citrate from acetyl coa and oxaloacetate
ornithine transcarbamylase 1st part of urea cycle. ornithine + carbamoyl phosphate = citrullline.
HMG coa reductase rate limiting of cholesterol synth
alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase makes succinyl coa from alpha keto glut
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