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Fractures (PTA Scorebuilders - irongirl)

Avulsion Fracture A portion of the bone becomes fragmented at the site of tendon attachment from a traumatic and sudden stretch of the tendon.
Closed Fracture A break in a bone where the skin over the site remains intact.
Comminuted Fracture A bone that breaks into fragments at the site of injury.
Compound Fracture A break in a bone that protrudes through the skin.
Greenstick Fracture A break on one side of a bone that does not damage the periosteum on the opposite side. *often seen in children
Nonunion Fracture A break in a bone that has failed to unite and heal after nine to twelve months.
Stress Fracture A break in a bone due to repeated forces to a particular portion of the bone.
Spiral Fracture A break in a bone shaped as an "s" due to torsion and twisting.
Created by: irongirl on 2009-03-07

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