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8th Moon,SesonWeatr

8th Moon Seasons & Weather TEST Review

Away The moon moves ______ from the sun when it's waxing
Solar Eclipse An event when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun
Tides Water bulges on the Earth's surface due mostly to the moon's gravity
Solstice The longest or shortest day of the year
June The month when the Southern hemisphere's Winter Solstice takes place
Terminator The line that separates day time from night time
Rotation The Earth experiences day and night because of the earth's ___
Waning Gibbous A moon phase in which most of the moon is lit up and the bright side is on the left
Waxing Moon phases in which the bright side is on the right side & the moon appears to be growing larger each night
Seven The approximate # of days it takes for the moon to complete 1/4 of its revolution around the Earth
Neap tides When the tidal range between high and low tides is small
Phases The different appearances of the moon are called _________
Axis The Earth rotates around it's ______ once every 24 hours
Full Moon The moon phase when a lunar eclipse can occur
Equinox The event in which the daytime hours are equal to night time hours in both hemispheres
Last Quarter Moon phase in which half of the moon is lit and the dark side is on the right side
Tilted The Earth experiences different seasons because it orbits the Sun and because it is _________
Spring Tides The event that occurs at full and New moon phases
Waning Moon phases in which the bright side of the moon is on its left side & the moon moves towards the Sun
Revolution The Earth makes one of these around the sun every 365 days
Isobars Lines on a map that connect areas of equal air pressure
Isotherms Lines on a map that connect areas of equal temperature
Hurricane A storm wth wind speed equal to or greater than 116km/h (74mph)
Cold front Violent storms result from a fast moving _____- _______
Coriolis Effect Air turns Clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and Counterclockwise in the Southern hemisphere
Condensation The part of the water cycle that makes clouds
Meteorology The study of weather
Continental Tropical Air mass made of hot, dry air
Jet Stream High altitude wind that blows at speeds up to 350Km/h
Millibars Units used to measure air pressure
Barometer A tool used to measure air pressure
Land Breeze Air from the Land blows out towards the ocean during the night time hours
Sea Breeze Air from the ocean blows toward the land during hot summer days
Convection Hot air rising
Polar Maritime air mass A cool moist air mass formed over ocean waters North of the USA
Psychrometer A tool used to measure relative humidity
California Current A large surface current that delivers cool air to Hawaii
Warm Water The energy source of hurricanes
Doldrums Low pressure areas at the equator with warm rising air but little wind
Gulf Stream A Large surface current that delivers warm air to Europe
Anemometer A tool used to measure wind speed
High Stable calm weather conditions are found inside _______ pressure areas
Created by: coach_fletcher