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Salon Ecology-HI

What is the proper time and temperature that should be used for dry heat ovens? 1.) 340 degrees F for 1 hour 2.) 320 degrees F for 2 hours
In regards to sanitation, probes, needles and lancets should be either ____ or ____. 1.) sterilized 2.) disposable
How long should you wash your hands for? 15-30 seconds
What is the most important procedure you should do before beginning treatment on a client? Hand washing
How long after treatment can it take for an infection to occur? 24 hours
What do you call the process of destroying any and all microorganisms? Sterilization
What does the body produce in order to protect itself from harmful bacteria? Inflammation
A person who is immune to a disease but can still transmit the disease to others if referred to as what? Disease carrier
What do you call immunity that is developed through vaccinations or overcoming an illness? Acquired immunity
What do you call immunity that is inherited? Natural immunity
What do you call the body's ability to resist invasion of bacteria? Immunity
What do you call single-celled microorganisms that are thought to be the smallest animals? Protozoa
What do you call an organism that lives on living matter and can produce disease? Parasite
Molds, mildews, yeast and ringworm are all examples of which microorganism? Fungi
Which microorganism consists of an outer coat of protein and an inner strand of either DNA or RNA, not both? Virus
Which type of microorganism causes the common cold? Virus
What is a sign of bacterial infection? Pus
Blood poisoning is an example of what kind of infection? General infection
A boil containing pus is an example of what kind of infection? Local infection
What do you call the process of cell division? Mitosis
What do you call the inactive or dormant stage of bacteria? Endospore (Spore-forming)
What do you call the active stage of bacteria? Vegetative
What is an example of spore forming bacteria? Tetanus (lock-jaw)
Bacteria reproduce by dividing into how many daughter cells? Two
What 2 things are happening during the vegetative stage of bacteria? 1.) Growth 2.) Reproduction (cell division, mitosis)
Which two components help bacteria to move around? 1.) Flagella 2.) Cilia
What is the most common form of pathogenic bacteria? Bacilli (rod shaped)
What do you call cocci bacteria that grow in pairs? Diplococci
What do you call cocci bacteria that grow in chains? Streptococci
What do you call cocci bacteria that grow in clusters? Staphylococci
Which shape is spirilla bacteria? Corkscrew (spiral)
Which shape is bacilli bacteria? Rod
Which shape is cocci bacteria? Round
What are the three types/shapes that bacteria are classified into? 1.) Cocci 2.) Bacilli 3.) Spirilla
What do you call harmful bacteria that makes up the minority of all bacteria? Pathogenic
What do you call organisms that live on dead matter and does not produce disease? Saprophyte
What do you call harmless or beneficial bacteria that make up the majority of all bacteria? Non-pathogenic (harmless)
What are the two major classifications of bacteria? 1.) Pathogenic 2.) Non-pathogenic
Who was the French bacteriologist and chemist known for his work with microbes? Louis Pasteur
Bacteria are minute, one celled microorganism that belong to which origin? Vegetable origin
Bacteria can commonly be referred to as what? Germs/Microbes
What do you call the study of microorganisms/bacteria? Bacteriology
Who is responsible for maintaining the "sanitary rules" in a business? Everyone
When can regulatory authorized inspections be performed? Anytime practice is being conducted
Before sanitizing an instrument, what should it be washed with? Soap and water
Probe tips, electrodes, cords, and cord holders should be disinfected with what percentage of alcohol? 70%
Formaldehyde is an active gas found in what substance? Formalin
Bacteria can be mostly destroyed by what substance? Disinfectant
A good disinfectant is quick acting, non-corrosive and easy to what? Prepare
What is stronger than an antiseptic? Disinfectant
What do you call a chemical agent having the power to destroy bacteria? Disinfectant (germicide)
What do you call a chemical agent that destroys bacteria on the skin? Antiseptic
How long do you soak instruments in a pre-cleaning solution before sterilizing them? 10 minutes
All supplies should be dispensed from a container that is clearly identified with what? Labels
How often should you change containers that are used for disinfecting? Daily
How often should biological monitoring be done? Once a month
Which monthly test lets you know that your machine is sterilizing properly? Biological indicator/monitor
Which indicator lets you know that your instruments have been sterilized? Chemical indicator (color indicator)
What is the proper time and temperature used for an autoclave sterilizer? 250 degrees F with 15 psi: unpackaged- 15 minutes, packaged- 30 minutes
Created by: ElectricEsti