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Early humans less 1

Early humans lesson 1

Who was Lucy? an australopithcine, or early ancestor found in Africa. These people lived in Africa about 3.75 - 1 million years ago.
What is the nickname for Homo habilis? Handy human because they made simple stone tools. They lived between 2.5 and 1.5 million years ago.
What are the defining characteristics of Homo erectus? larger brain than Homo habilis, first to use fire, first to leave Africa, more complex tools than Homo habilis.
What do we use to learn about the past? fossils , tools, and artifacts.
Why is it sometimes difficult to study ancient history? We don't usually find whole pieces of things, just parts of objects or skeletons, so we need to put them together like pieces of a puzzle. Sometimes we have to "guess" at what they all represent.
What is the nickname for Homo sapiens? Wise humans
What are the 2 categories of Homo sapiens? Homo sapien Neanderthal, and Homo sapien Cro-Magnon.
This variety of Homo sapiens did NOT look like modern humans. In fact they had bony ridges above their eyes and a small mouth with a protruding chin. Homo sapien Neanderthal
This variety of Homo sapiens looked so much like us, you would not be able to tell the difference between them if you dressed them modern and put them in a classroom. homo sapien Cro-Magnon
This marks the beginning of the Paleolithic Era, or Old Stone Age The start of people making stone tools.
This made it possible for land bridges to become available, which offered early humans access to land they would not have if it was covered with water. The Ice Age. Due to the fact that the water level went down, more land was visible.
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