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Muscle & innervation

NPTE: Muscles & Innervation (kendall)

head and neck extensors C1-8
infrahyoid mm. C1-3
rectus capitis ant. & lat. C1-2
longus capitis C1-3(4)
longus colli C1-6(7)
levator scapulae dorsal scap. C4-5
scalenes C3-8
sternocleidomastoid CN XI, C(1)2-3
trapezius C2-3
diaphragm C3-5
serratus ant. long thoracic C5-8
rhomboids dorsal scap. C4-5
subclavius nerve to subclavius C5-6
supraspinatus suprascap. C4-6
infraspinatus suprascap C4-6
lat. dorsi thoracodorsal C(5)6-8
subscapularis upper and lower subscap. C5-6(7)
teres major lower subscap. C5-7
pect. maj (upper) lat. pect. C5-7
pect. maj (lower) medial pect. C6-T1
pect. min medial pect. C(6)7-T1
teres minor axillary C5-6
deltoid axillary C5-6
coracobrachialis musculucutaneous C6-7
biceps brachii musculocutaneous C5-6
brachialis musculocutaneous C5-6
triceps radial C(6)7-T1
anconeus radial C7-8
brachioradialis radial C5-6
ext. carpi rad. longus radial C5-8
ext. carpi rad. brev. radial C5-8
supinator radial C5-6(7)
ext. digitorum radial C6-8
ext. digiti minimi radial C6-8
ext. carpi ulnaris radial C6-8
ext. pollicis longus radial C6-8
ext. pollicis brevis radial C6-8
abd. pollicis longus radial C6-8
ext. indicis radial C6-8
pronator teres median C6-7
flex. carpi radialis median C6-8
palmaris longus median C(6)7-T1
flex. digit. superficialis median C7-T1
flex. digit. prof I & II
pronator quadratus median C7-T1
abd. pollicis brevis median C6-T1
opponens pollicis median C6-T1
flex pollicis brevis (sup. head) median C6-T1
hand: lumbricales I & II median C(6)-T1
flex carpi ulnaris ulnar C7-T1
flex digit. prof. III & IV ulnar C7-T1
palmaris brevis ulnar C(7)8-T1
abd. digit. minimi ulnar C(7)8-T1
opponens digit. minimi ulnar C(7)8-T1
flex. digit. minimi ulnar C(7)8-T1
palmar interossei ulnar C8-T1
dorsal interossei ulnar C8-T1
hand: lumbricales III & IV ulnar C(7)8-T1
adductor pollicis ulnar C8-T1
flex. pollicis brevis (deep head) ulnar C8-T1
quad lumborum lumbar plexus L1-3
psoas minor lumbar plexus L1-2
psoas maj. lumbar plexus L1-4
iliacus femoral L(1)2-4
pectineus femoral and obturator L2-4
sartorius femoral L2-4
quadriceps femoral L2-4
adductor brevis obturator L2-4
adductor longus obturator L2-4
gracilis obturator L2-4
adductor magnus obturator L(2)-4, tibial div. sciatic L4-5,(S1)
glut. med. sup. gluteal L4-S1
glut. min. sup. gluteal L4-S1
tensor fascia lata sup. gluteal L4-S1
glut. max. inf. gluteal L5-S1
piriformis sacral plexus L(5), S1-2
gemellus sup. sacral plexus L5-S2
obturator int. sacral plexus L5-S2
gemellus inf. sacral plexus L4-S1(2)
quadratus femoris sacral plexus L4-S1(2)
biceps femoris (short) peroneal div. of sciatic L5-S2
biceps femoris (long) tibial div. of sciatic L5-S3
semitendinosus tibial div. of sciatic L4-S2
semimembranosus tibial div. of sciatic L4-S2
abductor hallucis tibial L4-S1
adductor hallucis tibial S1-2
flexor hallucis brevis tibial L4-S1
flexor hallucis longus tibial L5-S2
extensor hallucis longus deep peroneal L4-S1
ext hallucis brevis deep peroneal L4-S1
foot: lumbricales I tibial L4-S1
foot: lumbricales II-IV tibial L(4-5),S1-2
plantar interossei tibial S1-2
dorsal interossei tibial S1-2
flexor digitorum brevis tibial L4-S1
flexor digitorum longus tibial L5-S1(2)
quadratus plantae tibial S1-2
extensor digitorum longus peroneal L4-S1
extensor digitorum brevis deep peroneal L4-S1
peroneus tertius deep peroneal L4-S1
tibialis anterior deep peroneal L4-S1
tibialis posterior tibial L(4)5-S1
peroneus longus superficial peroneal L4-S1
peroneus brevis superficial peroneus L4-S1
soleus tibial L5-S2
gastrocnemius tibial S1-2
plantaris tibial L4-S1(2)
popliteus tibial L4-S1
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