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Joint Mob positions

NPTE: Joint Mob positions: Loose-packed/resting position (scorebuilder 2008)

Glenohumeral 55-70 abduction, 30 horizontal adduction,neutral rotation
Ulnohumeral 70 flexion, 10 supination
Radiohumeral full extension, full supination
Proximal Radioulnar 70 flexion, 35 supination
Distal Radioulnar 10 supination
1st Metacarpophalangeal; 2-5 MCP slight flexion;slight flexion with ulnar deviation
PIP and DIP 10 degree flexion;30 degree flexion
Hip 30 flexion, 30 abduction, slight external (lateral) rotation
Tibiofemoral 25 flexion
Patellofemoral 25 flexion
Proximal tibfib 0 plantarflexion
Distal tibfib 0 plantarflexion
Talocrural 10 plantarflexion, neutral
Subtalar 10 plantarflexion, neutral
Midtarsal 10 plantarflexion, neutral
Metatarsophalangeal neutral
Interphalangeal slight flexion
Radiocarpal slight ulnar deviation
Vertebral Midway between flexion and extension
Temporomandibar jaw slightly open
sternoclavicular arm resting by side
acromioclavicular arm resting by side
Created by: liz124714

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