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What mountains separate India from the rest of Asia? Himalayan
What body of water is to the west of India? Arabian Sea
What body of water is to the east of India? Bay of Bengal
In the summer and winter, India experiences these heavy rains. monsoons
Wheat, barley and beans were grown in the ________ _______ valley. Indus River
What city grew in the Indus River Valley around 2500 BC? Harappa
What possibly happened to decline the Harappan civilization? natural disaster
What mountains did the Aryans cross to get to India? Hindu Kush
What language did the Aryans bring to India? Sanskrit
What religion did the Aryans bring to the region? Hinduism
Who was born around 563 BC? Siddhartha Gautama
What do we call cycles of birth, death, and rebirth? reincarnation
What Maurya Emperor spread Buddism all over India? Asoka
What empire brought on the golden age of India? Gupta
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