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2-Burton MKTG2

Marketing Overview 2

Which of the following is and example of marketing investment? Renting a billboard
Which part of the product life cycle does a company see incredible boosts in sales? Growth
The retail price of a product is the sum of which two values? Cost of good + Mark-up
Put the following steps to pricing in order of operation Study Costs Determine Objectives Estimate Demand Study Competition Set Price Decide on Pricing Strategy ii, I, iii, iv, vi, v
Which of the following pricing methods would be best to price a high-end purse? iv
In which section of the product life cycle is the seller looking for new ways to increase promotion? Decline
In most production settings, as the number of units sold goes up, the cost goes down, but as the cost goes down, quality ________. Down
The three main goals of promotion are to ______, ______, and ______. Inform, Persuade, Remind
The company’s merchandise plan determines… The company’s image
The _______ is the legal name of the business and the _______ is a registered idea or logo of the business. Trade Name, Trademark
Which of the following is an example of co-branding? Ford/Harley Davidson
Which of the following is an example of Primary research? Focus Group
A country’s GDP is it’s… Gross Domestic Product
Which of the following is NOT a faction of a “Free Enterprise” economy Subsidiaries
Which of the following is NOT an example of Form Utility? Department Store
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