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word roots 19&20

19&20 Word roots

eu good, well
mono one
gram write, written
log/log word ,reason
mania intense craving, loss of reason
neo new, recent
ic like, related to
ism act, state, condition
y state of, quality, act; body, group
crac government, rule
gen cause, birth, race, produce
gram write,written
ideo idea
phob fear of
phone sound
ia condition
logy study of, science
y state of, quality, act , body, group
logic related theory of reasoning
eulogy speech in praise of someone
logogram symbol used to represent an entire word
logomania abnormal talkativness
monolog long speech given by one person
neologism new word or phrase
ideocracy government based on an-all embracing idea or theory
ideogeny origin of ideas
ideogram graphic symbol used to represent a concept
ideophobia fear or distrust of ides
ideology system of interrelated social beliefs and values
ideophone sound or pattern of sounds used to represent a concept
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