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Swift Chaper 1

Swift Chapter 1

Communicating sharing of ideas and experimental findings with others
Hypothesis possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a specific question that is testable
Variable factors that can change in an experiment
Controlled Experiment an experiment where only one variable is manipulated at a time
Manipulated Variable variable that is purposely changed to test a hypothesis
Responding Variable the factor that may change in response to the manipulated variable
Data facts, figures, and other evidenc gathered through observations
Scientific Literacy understanding basic scientific terms and principles
Scientific Theory a well tested explanation for a wide range of observations or experimental results
Scientic Law a rule of nature, it describes an observed pattern in nature without explaining it
Metric System a system of measurement based on the number 10
Mass the amount of matter in an object
Weight a measure of force of gravity acting on an object
Volume the amount of space an object takes up
Density the amount of mass in a given space; mass per unit volume
Horizontal Axis a line that runs left to right along the bottom of a graph, on which the manipulated variable is labeled
Vertical Axis a line that runs up and down along the side of a graph, on which the responding variable is labeled
Origin the point where the x-axis and y-axis cross on a graph
Line of Best Fit a smooth line that reflects the gerneral pattern in a graph
Linear Graph a line graph in which the data points yield a straight line
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