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electric circuits

what are the features of elect. circuits? devices, power source, conducting wires (switch)
what are the features of a series circuit? all parts are connected together, only one path for current to move, if one resistor goes out they all go out, if resistance increases then current decreases
what are the features of a parallel circuit? branches, if one branch goes out the other branches keep working, each branch is seperate from other branches, the more branches of a circuit the easier the current is to flow
what are some devices that prevent circuit overload? fuses and circuit breakers
what is a fuse? a safety device with a thin metal strip that will melt if to much current passes through a circuit
what is a circuit breaker? a reuseable saftey switch that breaks the circuit when the current becomes to high
what is the role/ function of each feature in an electric circuit? a switch controls the flow of the electric current, wires are conductors for the electricity flow, resistors are the devices or objects that use the electrical energy, the power source is the source of electrical energy
what is electrical energy? the energy of moving electrical charges
what is an electric circuit? a complete, unbroken path through which electric charges can flow
what is electric current? the continuous flow of electric charges through a material
what is the difference of a series circuit and a parallel circuit if one bulb goes out then all the bulbs go out, if one bulb goes out the other ones stay on there os only one path for the current to take, there are several paths for the current to take
Created by: jeffreylee337 on 2014-01-27

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