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Irregular verbs 2

Irregular verb forms and meaning (starting with c, d and e)

Infinitivepastpast participleDefinition
catch caught caught capture, seize; reach
choose chose chosen select
come came come advance, make progress
cost cost cost have as a price
cut cut cut strike with a sharp edge
deal dealt dealt (administrate, deliver
dig dug dug remove earth or sand with a shovel or spade
do did done perform
dream dreamt (dreamed) dreamt (dreamed) to experience a dream in sleep; have a deep aspiration; pass time idly or in reverie
drink drank drunk take liquid into the mouth and swallow
drive drove driven guide, direct a vehicle; supply a motive
eat ate eaten take in and absorb as food; destroy; erode
Created by: eoiteacher on 2013-12-12

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