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Medical Term

Gastroenteroscopy Process of looking stomach and intestines
Stomatist Imflamation of the mouth
Cardiology Study of the heart
Glossal Pertaining to the tounge
Gingivitis Imflamation of the gums
Gastr/o- Stomach
Stomat/o- Mouth
Gloss/o- Tounge
Lingu/o - Tounge
Esophag/o - Esophagus
Gingiv/o - Gums
Enter/o - Intestines
-al, -ic, -us, -ac, -ar Pertaining to / talking about
-itis Inflamation
-scopy Process of looking
-pathy Disease of
Stomatopathy Disease of the mouth
-scope Instrument/ use to look
Microscope The instrument use to look at small things
-logy study of
Lip/o - Fat
Hepat/o - Liver
-rrhea Discharge/flow
-rrhagia Bleeding/ hemorrage
-rraphy Suture/stitch
-rrhexis Rupture/ burst
Dys- Difficult/ painful
-pepsia Digestion
Dyspepsia Painful digestion
Abdomin/o - Abdomen
-ectomy Exercise/ cut out
-tomy Incision/ cut into
Cardi/o- Heart
Vascul/o- Angi/o- Blood vessels
Anteri/o- Acteries
Phleb/o- Veins
Hemat/o- Hem/o- blood
-cyte cell
Erythrocyte red blood cell
Erythr/o- red
Leuk/o- white
Thromb/o- clot
-logist person who studies
-genic To generate/ to form
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