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bible 09-30-13

what 2 kinds of treasure are mentioned in this verse? good treasure and evil treasure
from where does the mouth get its words? the heart
From where does each man listed in this verse get his treasure? from his actions
using deductive reasoning how did each man store up his treasure? By what they watched, listened to, and spoke.
Define love according to the Bible? is Meeting another person's needs unselfishly
write the term that described the love defined in question previously? Agape Love
Write 3 syn. for love cherish, affection, devotion, fondness, selflessness
Write 2 Ant. for love hatefulness, detest, animosity, selfishness
Is love just a feeling? yes or no; then explain your answer no, love is not just a feeling love is an action therefore we must show it to others
what is conditional love? putting restrictions on love only loving someone if they do something for you in return this is the "if" of "because" type of LOVE
Give an example of conditional love? You show love to your friend when she gives you here delicious food but when she is not around or stops giving you that food, you stop loving her because she no longer gives you what you request
Give a Biblical example of unconditional love? When God sent his Only son to die on the cross for our sins "Jesus Christ"
Why does the Word say that love is a foundational character trait? Because without love nothing really counts
What is the primary difference between agape and carnal love? agape- focuses on others carnal- focuses on self
Love charity
godliness like God
Knowledge information
temperance self control
perseverance patience
virtue moral goodness
brotherly kindness consideration
faith belief
how do we obtain godly knowledge by reading the bible and learning from it
what does the scripture mean when it says "giving all diligence" giving all your effort
Is it easy or difficult to be diligent? Difficult; It is not easy to be diligent because sometimes you want to take the easy way out instead of giving all your effort and going that extra mile
where in the New Testament would I find the passage that discusses the above referenced eight terms? 2 peter 1:5-8
what is the absolute starting point before we (as Christians) can develop these positive attributes? Having faith in Jesus
If we do these things, what does God's Word say about our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ? It will increase and our faith will bear good fruit and be bountiful
can sinners have good moral character? validate your answer? yes; they can have good morals but this will not allow them to go to heave only accepting Jesus Christ will. (John 14:6)
who is the only one who can give us the good gift of true character? give the scripture that validates your answer? God/ James 1:17
Created by: dinospizzagirl1999 on 2013-09-30

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