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500 verbs n-s

European Portuguese 500 verbs

to negotiate (vi) negociar (vi)
to note (write down) anotar (vt)
to notice (see) perceber (vt)
to obey (vi, vt) obedecer (vt)
to object (vi, vt) objetar (vt)
to observe (see) observar (vt)
to offend (person) ofender (vt)
to omit (word, phrase) omitir (vt)
to open (vt) abrir (vt)
to order (in restaurano pedir (vi)
to order (mil¡tary) ordenar (vt)
to organize (concert, party) organizar (vt)
to overestimate (vt) sobrestimar (vt)
to own (possess) possuir (vt)
to participate (vi) participar (vi)
to pass (go beyond) passar (vt)
to pay (vi, vt) pagar (vt)
to peep, spy on espreitar (vi)
to penetrate (vi) penetrar (vt)
to permit (allow) permitir (vt)
to pick (flowers) colher (vt)
to place (put, set) pôr, colocar (vt)
to plan (~ to do sth) fazer um plano
to play (actor) representar (vt)
to play (children) jogar (vt)
to point (e.g., ~ the way) apontar (vt)
to pour (liquid) derramar (vt)
to pray (vi, vt) rezar, orar (vi)
to predominate (vi) predominar (vi, vt)
to prefer (like better) preferir (vt)
to prepare (~ a plan) preparar (vt)
to present (sb to sb) apresentar (vt)
to preserve (peace, l¡fe) preservar (vt)
to progress (move forward) avançar (vi)
to promise (vt) prometer (vt)
to pronounce (say) pronunciar (vt)
to propose (vt) propor (vt)
to protect (e.g., ~ nature) proteger (vt)
to protest (vi) protestar (vi)
to prove (vt) provar (vt)
to provoke (vt) provocar (vt)
to puII (e.g., ~ the rope) puxar (vt)
to punish (vt) punir, castigar (vt)
to push (e.g., ~ the door) empurrar (vt)
to put away (vt) colocar (vt)
to put in (insert, include) inserir (vt)
to put in order colocar em ordem
to put, to place pôr, colocar (vt)
to quote (cite) citar (vt)
to reach (arrive at) chegar a (vi)
to read (vi, vt) Ier (vt)
to realize (achieve) realizar (vt)
to recaIl (~ one's name) recordar, lembrar (vt)
to recognize (admit) reconhecer (vt)
to recognize (identify sb) reconhecer (vt)
to recommend (vt) recomendar (vt)
to recover( ~ from flu) recuperanse (vp)
to redo (vt) refazer (vt)
to reduce (speed etc.) reduzir (vt)
to refuse (~ sb) recusar (vt)
to regret (be sorry) Iamentar (vt)
to reinforce (posit¡on) reforçar (vt)
to remember (not forget) lembrar (vt)
to remind (vt) fazer Iembrar
to remove( ~ an obstacIe) remover, eliminar (vt)
to remove (e.g., ~ a stain) remover (vt)
to rent (of a tenant) alugar (vt)
to repair (mend) reparar (vt)
to repeat (say again) repetir (vt)
to report (make a report) reportar (vt)
to reproach (vt) reprochar (vt)
to reserve, to book reservar (vt)
to restrain (hoId back) refrear (vt)
to return (come back) voltar (vi)
to risk, to take a risk arriscar (vt)
to rub off (erase) apagar (vt)
to run (move fast) correr (vi)
to satisfy (please) satisfazer (vt)
to save (rescue) salvar (vt)
to say (e.g., ~ thank you) dizer (vt)
to scoId (vt) repreender (vt)
to scratch (with claws) arranhar (vt)
to seIect (to pick) selecionar (vt)
to seII (goods) vender (vt)
to send (a Ietter) enviar (vt)
to send back (vt) enviar de volta
to sentence (vt) sentenciar (vt)
to serve (in restaurant) servir (vt)
to settle (a conflict) resolver (vt)
to shake (vt) agitar, sacudir (vt)
to shave (vi) barbear-se (vp)
to shine (vi) brilhar (vi)
to shoot (vi) disparar (vi)
to shout (vi) gritar (vi)
to show (to d¡spIay) mostrar (vt)
to shudder (vi) estremecer (vi)
to sigh (vi) soltar um suspiro
to sign (document) assinar (vt)
to signify (mean) significar (vt)
to simplify (vt) simpliñcar (vt)
to sin (vi) pecar (vi)
to sit (be seated) sentanse (vp)
to smash (~ a bug) esmagar (vt)
to smell (have odor) cheirar (vi)
to smeII (sniff at) cheirar (vi)
to smile (vi) sorrir (vi)
to soIve (problem) resolver (vt)
to sow (seed, crop) semear (vt)
to spiIl (liquid) derramar (vt)
to spit (vi) cuspir (vi)
to stand (be placed) estar (vi)
to stand (toothache, cold) s uportar (vt)
to stan (begin) começar (vt)
to steal (money, property) roubar (vt)
to stop (cease) cessar (vt)
to stop (for pause etc.) paranse (vp)
to stop talking caIar-se (vp)
to stroke (caress) acariciar (vt)
to study (vt) estudar (vt)
to suffer (feel pain) sofrer (vt)
to support (cause, idea) apoiar (vt)
to suppose (assume) supor (vt)
to surface (ab. submarine) emergir (vi)
to surprise (amaze) surpreender (vt)
to suspect (of wrongdoing) suspeitar (vt)
to swim (vi) nadar (vi)
to switch on (vt) Iigar (vt)
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