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health ch. 15 test

what is a delicate critical system responsible for sending messsages from outside and inside your body to your brain and from your brain to all parts of your body. nervous system
waht are the cells of the nervous system neurons
what starves the brain by blocking use of glucose alcohol
what blocks messages to the brain causing depression barbituous
what stimulates uncontrollable brain impulses hallucinogens
what takes up 2/3 of your total food intake carbohyrates
_______________&_____________ work together to protect your body against fatigue proper nutrition & rest
what 2 things are primary pathway of harmful things 1. sight 2. hearing
what is the measurement of the level of intensity of sound decibel
name 3 ways how noise can affect your nervous system fatigue, headaches, nausea, irritability, may cause high blood pressure, & hearing loss
what are the cells of the nervous system called neurons
what types of foods provide your main source of energy carbohydrates
which groups of vitamins provide energy b- complex vitamins
what is the function of proteins and fats in the body they help protect the neurons and repair cells when they are injured
what is the 4th most chronic disability in the U.S. hearing loss
what 2 factors determine how much a noise damages your ear 1. the loudness of the sound 2. the length of time you listen to it

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