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maniac part 3


Nonperishable food that can't go bad
Desolation a state of complete emptiness or destruction
Gaunt lean and haggard, esp. because of suffering, hunger, or age
Beseeching urgently and fervently to do something implore
retaliated make an attack in return for a similar attack
urchins a mishcieovus young child, esp.one who is poorly or raggedly dressed
carrions the decaying flesh of dead animals
prone ready to fire at an givin moment
portal a door way , gate , or other entrance
Exuberance hyper and very excited
reprisals an act of retaliation
ludicrous so foolish unreasonable or out of place as to be amusing ridiculous
marauding going about in search of things to steal or people to attack
extort obtain by force threats or other unfair means
goaded provoke or annoy
shenanigans dishonest or secret activity
zany amusingly unconventional
satchel a bag carried on the shoulder
nonchalantly feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed
surged a sudden powerful forward or upward movement
gauntlet a hall way or long room
dovetailed two people or more walking at the same distance or a period of time
amplified increace the volume of the sound
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