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Matt Schreiber


Energy Ability to do work
Joule Unit in which energy is measured
Work involves a change in movement
K.E. energy of motion
P.E. energy of position
G.P.E. depends on height above the earths surface
Heat Energy internal motion of particles of matter
Mechanical Energy energy of motion (not K.E.)
Specific Heat ability of a substance to absorb heat
wavelength the distance between 2 consecutive crests or troughs
Conduction heat transferred through an object or from one object to another
Convection heat transferred, takes place if liquids and gases as molecules move in currents
Radiation transferred by convection, takes place in the form of vision line
Law of Conservation of Energy energy that can be nor created nor destroyed by ordinary means
Wave a disturbance that transfers energy through matter or space
Crest the highest point of a transverse wave
Trough the lowest point of a transverse wave
Amplitude the distance between rest position to the crest or trough
Frequency number of waves or complete cycles per unit of time
Absolute Zero All molecular motion stops
velocity _______ has a better effect than mass on K.E.
P.E. _________ depends on weight and height
K.E. __________ depends on mass and velocity
Warmer Air molecules would move faster on a __________ day
Increase The addition of heat indicates a _______________ in temp.
Decrease The removal of heat indicates a _____________ in temp.
Longitudinal Sound waves are an example of _________ waves
Decreases If wavelength ____________, frequency increases.
High Short Wavelength=_______ frequency
Suspension Length the __________ has the greatest effect on a pendulum
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