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Major Ligaments UE

Look at pg. 410 in netter and be able to identify things listed on pg. 33 of notes.
Acromioclavicular joint contains? (3) 1.) Acromioclavicular ligament 2.) Articular disc 3.) Coracoclavicular ligament
Acromioclavicular ligament goes from ____ to the ____? Acromion to the distal clavicle
What is sometimes absent in the acromioclavicluar joint? Articular disc
Corococlavicluar ligament goes from the _____ to the _____? Coracoid process to the distal clavical
What are the ligaments of the scapula? (2) 1.)Corocoacromial ligament 2.)superior transverse scapular ligament
Corocoacromial ligament goes from the ____ to the _____? corocoid process to the acromion
superior transverse scapular ligament is located where? Over the scapular notch
The shoulder joints 2 ligaments? -Corocohumeral ligament -Transverse humeral ligament
Superiorly and anteriorly reinforces articular capluse of shoulder joint. Corocohumeral ligament
Attaches to lesser and greater tubercles, crosses over intertubercular (bicipital) groove; helps hold tendon of long head of biceps brachii in intertubercular groove. Transverse humeral ligament
Elbow joint has 2 ligaments, what are they? Ulnar collateral ligament and radial collateral ligament.
Attachments to medial epicondyle and proximal ulna; medially reinforces articular capsule of elbow joint. Ulnar collateral ligament
Attachments to lateral epicondyle and proximal radius; laterally reinforces articular capsule of elbow joint. Radial collateral ligament
The radioulnar joint has a _____ and a/an _____? Annular ligament and an interosseous membrane.
Attached to ulna, loops around head of radius; holds radial head in radial notch of ulna. Annular ligament
Between radius and ulna Interosseous membrane
The wrist joint has _ ligaments, and _ discs? 5 ligaments and one disc
What are the ligaments of the wrist? 1.)Palmar radiocarpal ligament 2.)Palmar ulnocarpal ligament 3.)Dorsal radiocarpal ligament 4.)Ulnar collateral ligament 5.)Radial collateral ligament
Strengthens capsule on palmer aspect of radiocarpal joint (2) -Palmar radiocarpal ligament -Palmar ulnocarpal ligament
Strengthens dorsal aspect of radiocarpal joint Dorsal radiocarpal ligament
Medial reinforcement of wrist Ulnar collateral ligament
Lateral reinforcement of wrist Radial collateral ligament
At the distal end of ulna Articular disc
Created by: Nick Larson Nick Larson on 2012-11-05

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