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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
ESC_Bk1-L4 Dates Easy Steps to Chinese_Lesson 4 Dates 日期 Chinese 2018-11-23 yami 11 2 edit
ESC Bk1-L3 Greetings Easy Steps to Chinese Lesson 3 Greetings 問候 Chinese 2014-11-20 yami 9 1 edit
ESC Bk1-L6 Telephone Easy Steps to Chinese - Lesson 6 Telephone numbers 电话号码 Chinese 2014-11-20 yami 9 1 edit
ESC Bk1-L5 Age 年齡 Easy Steps to Chinese Book 1 - Lesson 5 Age 年齡 Chinese 2014-11-20 yami 8 1 edit
ESC L12 Transport ESC_Bk1_L12 Transportation 交通工具 Chinese 2020-06-22 yami 15 6 edit
ESC Bk1-L7 Family ESC Bk1-L7 Family members Chinese 2016-12-08 yami 20 4 edit
ESC-B1_L8 Self-Intro Easy Steps to Chinese Book 1 - L8 Self-Introduction Chinese 2014-11-20 yami 11 1 edit
ESC-B1_L14 Clothing ESC-B1_L14 Clothing 衣着 Chinese 2019-11-06 yami 11 3 edit
ESC-B1_L13 Colours ESC-B1_L13 Colours 颜色 Chinese 2014-11-20 yami 10 1 edit
ESC_L11 DailyRoutine ESC_Book 1 - L11 Daily Routine 日常起居 Chinese 2020-04-26 yami 14 5 edit
ESC_B1_L10 Time ESC_B1_L10 Time Chinese 2010-11-09 yami 9 0 edit
ESC_B1-L9 Occupation ESC_Book 1 - L9 Occupation 职业 Chinese 2018-11-23 yami 20 2 edit
ESC B1-L15 Body Part ESC B1-L15 Body Parts 人體部位 Chinese 2018-11-23 yami 10 4 edit
ESC B2-L2 Subjects-1 ESC B2-L2 Subjects of study 科目 (1) Chinese 2011-05-01 yami 16 0 edit
ESC B2-L2 Subjects-2 ESC B2-L2 Subjects of study 科目 (2) Chinese 2011-05-01 yami 10 0 edit
ESC B2-L1Countries-1 ESC B2-L1 Countries and Languages 国家和语言 (1) Chinese 2021-07-27 yami 16 1 edit
翰林四下_L11 翰林四下_L11 Chinese 2011-06-03 yami 16 0 edit
CME_B2_L3 他穿西装上班 CME_B2_L3 他穿西装上班 Chinese 2012-04-23 yami 12 0 edit
HSK (2) L1 Places 地方 地方名詞 Local nouns Simplified Chinese 2018-04-29 yami 2 0 edit

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