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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
CLS School Study cards for CLS school, tests are cumulative Science 2016-06-24 wulfmannwarrior 72 1 edit
AMC CLS Test Study Study Guide based on tips from class Laboratory Science 2014-08-28 wulfmannwarrior 69 0 edit
Hematology Hematology study for Augusta CLS Unfinished 2014-09-08 wulfmannwarrior 24 0 edit
Coagulation Coagulation Unfinished 2014-10-09 wulfmannwarrior 326 0 edit
WBC Conditions Lymphoma, myeloma, leukemias, etc. Laboratory Science 2019-08-15 wulfmannwarrior 97 0 edit
Study for Final Ret Review of missed and past questions from exams. Laboratory Science 2014-10-14 wulfmannwarrior 86 0 edit
ABO/Rh Screening, reagents, and nomenclature for blood typing Laboratory Science 2019-08-15 wulfmannwarrior 71 3 edit
Ch 5,9,10 Test Antiglob test, Detection & ID of Abs, pretransfusion testing Unfinished 2015-04-13 wulfmannwarrior 13 1 edit
Blood Bank Exam 3 Stuff for exam 3 of Blood banking at AHC CLS school Unfinished 2014-11-11 wulfmannwarrior 47 0 edit
Blood Bank Exam 4 HDFN, AIHA, Transfusion Reactions, Therapy in select pts Laboratory Science 2019-08-15 wulfmannwarrior 107 3 edit
Final Exam Study Using questions from previous tests and chapter objectives Unfinished 2015-07-14 wulfmannwarrior 108 1 edit
Micro Exam 1 Info for Micro Exam 1 Laboratory Science 2014-11-19 wulfmannwarrior 75 0 edit
Enterobacteriacea Enterobacteriaceae information Unfinished 2014-11-20 wulfmannwarrior 21 0 edit
Non-Fermenting GNR Non-Fermenting GNR Unfinished 2014-11-24 wulfmannwarrior 11 0 edit
Micro Exam 2 Micro Exam 2 Unfinished 2014-11-24 wulfmannwarrior 62 0 edit
Micro Exam 3 Micro exam 3 information Laboratory Science 2015-03-14 wulfmannwarrior 109 2 edit
Micro Exam 4 Intracellular, Virology, Viral Specimens, Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma Laboratory Science 2014-12-11 wulfmannwarrior 95 0 edit
Micro Exam 5 Anaerobes and Mycobacterium Laboratory Science 2019-08-15 wulfmannwarrior 99 4 edit
Final Exam Study Mic Final exam for micro study Laboratory Science 2019-08-15 wulfmannwarrior 54 1 edit

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