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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Mandi GRE vocab 1 40+ random GRE vocab words GRE 2009-08-02 turnfam3 87 0 edit
Mandi GRE Vocab 2 40 + random GRE vocab words GRE 2009-08-15 turnfam3 77 0 edit
Physio with slides Psychophysiology with slide images Psychology 2020-09-26 turnfam3 399 1 edit
DSM Critera AxI-Mood Axis I Clinical Disorders MDD BP Psychology 2012-11-18 turnfam3 53 1 edit
AxI ClinDis-Psychoti DSM Psychotic Disorders Psychology 2011-11-12 turnfam3 48 0 edit
Stats beh sci Statistics for the behavioral sciences Unfinished 2011-10-12 turnfam3 65 0 edit
DSM Eating DOs DSM IV Criteria Eating Disorders Psychology 2011-11-05 turnfam3 19 0 edit
Issues final Issues final Psychology 2011-11-03 turnfam3 174 0 edit
DSM PDs Personality Disorders Psychology 2011-11-04 turnfam3 91 0 edit
DSM Anx Anxiety Disorders Psychology 2011-11-12 turnfam3 60 0 edit
DSM Sub Dis Substance Disorders Psychology 2013-08-19 turnfam3 24 1 edit
DSM Mem Two diagnoses for memorization Unfinished 2011-11-12 turnfam3 7 0 edit
dsm inf, ch, or adol Disorders usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood, or adolescence Unfinished 2011-11-12 turnfam3 11 0 edit
Quantitative Terms A Terms for Quantitative Research Final Unfinished 2013-03-13 turnfam3 103 0 edit
Rorschach admin Administration guidelines for Rorschach Unfinished 2012-10-08 turnfam3 43 0 edit
physio2 with slides learning and memory, emotions, Unfinished 2013-05-09 turnfam3 14 0 edit
Civics JET 2.3 The Critical Period Unfinished 2018-01-31 turnfam3 5 0 edit
Civics JET 2.4 Creating the Constitution Unfinished 2018-01-31 turnfam3 6 0 edit

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