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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Begrüßungen • Greeti German greetings German 2010-08-30 svanswol 13 0 edit
Personal Information German Unfinished 2010-08-30 svanswol 22 0 edit
Jemanden To meet someone German 2010-08-30 svanswol 14 0 edit
Die Farben The colors Unfinished 2010-08-30 svanswol 17 0 edit
Herkunft origin/nationnality Unfinished 2010-08-31 svanswol 26 0 edit
Wie Geht's? How are you? Unfinished 2010-08-31 svanswol 15 0 edit
Geld, Handy usw. Money, Cell phone, etc. Unfinished 2010-09-13 svanswol 20 0 edit
An der Uni studieren Studying at the University Unfinished 2010-09-13 svanswol 8 0 edit
Studienfåcher Field of Study Unfinished 2010-09-13 svanswol 32 0 edit
Die Woche (Tage) The Week (Days of the Week) Unfinished 2010-09-13 svanswol 12 0 edit
An der Uni At the University Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 13 0 edit
Das Stadium Course of Study Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 11 0 edit
Im Unterricht In class Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 26 0 edit
Auf dem Schreibtisch On the desk Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 6 0 edit
Alles über den Compu All about the computer Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 28 0 edit
Es ist Zeit! It is time Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 49 0 edit
In der Wohnung In the apartment Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 15 0 edit
In der Küche In the kitchen Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 30 0 edit
Im Badezimmer In the bathroom Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 11 0 edit
Das Wohnzimmer The living room Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 15 0 edit
Das Arbeitszimmer The study Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 4 0 edit
Das Schlafzimmer The Bedroom Unfinished 2010-09-19 svanswol 13 0 edit
Das Frühstück Breakfast Unfinished 2010-10-13 svanswol 25 0 edit
Das MIttagessen Lunch Unfinished 2010-10-13 svanswol 16 0 edit
Im der Drogerie At the drug store. Unfinished 2010-10-13 svanswol 12 0 edit
Schreibwarenhandlung Stationary store Unfinished 2010-10-13 svanswol 17 0 edit
Im Gemüseladen At the green grocer Unfinished 2010-10-13 svanswol 28 0 edit
Im Supermarkt At the Supermarket Unfinished 2010-10-13 svanswol 22 0 edit

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