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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Neurons (slides) Neurons Powerpoint Slides Biology 2009-10-05 sullivancl 36 0 edit
Topography of Brain relative location of various landmarks in the brain Unfinished 2009-09-29 sullivancl 11 0 edit
Brain Vocabulary general definitions Unfinished 2009-09-29 sullivancl 5 0 edit
Brain Parts: Funct. various function & associated actions of various parts of the brain Unfinished 2009-09-29 sullivancl 9 0 edit
Injury to the Brain various side effects of injuries to certain areas of the brain Unfinished 2009-09-29 sullivancl 3 0 edit
Ch. 12 - 13 defs Study Question Definitions from Chapters 12 -13 Biology 2009-10-05 sullivancl 67 0 edit
Neuromuscular Func. Neuromuscular Function PowerPoint Slides Biology 2009-10-05 sullivancl 28 0 edit
Nervous System-slide Nervous System PowerPoint Slides Biology 2009-10-05 sullivancl 9 0 edit
UMN v. LMN Symptoms of Upper Motor Neuron & Lower Motor Neuron Lesions; Characteristics Biology 2009-10-06 sullivancl 12 0 edit
Cranial Nerves Path. Pathology Related to Cranial Nerves for Speech and Hearin Biology 2009-10-06 sullivancl 42 0 edit
Cranial Nerves Func. Function of the Cranial Nerves Biology 2009-10-06 sullivancl 19 0 edit
Volumes & Capacities Volumes and Capacties of the Respiratory System Anatomy 2009-10-26 sullivancl 12 0 edit
Respiration-Anatomy Anatomical Parts of the Respiratory System Anatomy 2009-10-27 sullivancl 24 1 edit
Respiration-Physio Physiological Processes of the Respiratory Sytem Physiology 2009-10-27 sullivancl 22 0 edit
PediatricAudiometry1 Pediatric Audiology - Behavioral Tests Speech Therapy 2009-11-13 sullivancl 25 1 edit
Muscles of Respir. Muscles of Respiration: Inspiratory or Expiratory? Anatomy 2009-10-27 sullivancl 5 0 edit
PediatricAudiometry2 Pediatric Audiology - Physiological Tests Speech Therapy 2009-11-13 sullivancl 17 1 edit
Lang. & Artic. Dev. Language and Articulation Development in Young Children: 8 months - 8 years Speech Therapy 2014-01-09 sullivancl 13 3 edit
High Risk Indicators High Risk Indicators associated with Childhood hearing loss Speech Therapy 2009-11-16 sullivancl 12 0 edit
Screening Programs Audiological Screening Programs - ASHA guidelines Speech Therapy 2009-11-16 sullivancl 15 0 edit
Physio. of Phonation Physiology of Phonation Speech Therapy 2009-11-30 sullivancl 12 0 edit

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