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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Sig Codes PCT Sig Codes and Abbreviations for the PCT Test Pharmacology 2016-02-26 rpusbach 135 1 edit
Prefix & Suffix PCT Commonly used Prefixes and Suffixes for PCT Pharmacology 2010-01-21 rpusbach 65 1 edit
Roman Numerials PCT List of Roman Numerials for the PCT test Unfinished 2010-01-25 rpusbach 8 0 edit
Terminology PCT Terminology for the PCT Test Pharmacology 2010-02-01 rpusbach 135 0 edit
Element Symbols PCT Elemental Symbols for the PCT Test Pharmacology 2010-02-01 rpusbach 16 0 edit
Molecular Formula Molecular formulas for PCT test Pharmacology 2010-02-01 rpusbach 17 0 edit
PCT questions PCT Test practice questions Pharmacology 2010-02-02 rpusbach 30 0 edit
Generic to Brand PCT Generic to Brand Names List for PCT Pharmacology 2010-02-04 rpusbach 144 0 edit
PCT Drug Classes PCT Drug Classification Study Guide Pharmacology 2010-02-04 rpusbach 148 0 edit
Drug Class/treatment Drug class and its treatments Pharmacology 2010-02-09 rpusbach 15 2 edit
Dosage Forms PTCB Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms for PTCB test Pharmacology 2021-06-15 rpusbach 44 4 edit
VitaminsMinerals PTCB Test Vitamins and Minerals Pharmacology 2012-12-18 rpusbach 49 2 edit
Element Symbols 111 Common Element Symbols from CHM 1111 Chemistry 2010-04-05 rpusbach 42 0 edit
Fundamental Measures Fundamental Measurement Units CHM1111 Unfinished 2010-04-05 rpusbach 19 0 edit
CHM 1111 Terms CHM 1111 Terms Chemistry 2010-04-06 rpusbach 52 0 edit
Common Ion Charges CHM 1111 IONs with Charges Chemistry 2010-04-12 rpusbach 26 0 edit
Common Formulas CHM CHM 1111 common formulas Chemistry 2010-04-12 rpusbach 22 0 edit
Strong Acids and Ion Strong Acods and Anions Chemistry 2010-05-19 rpusbach 7 0 edit
Element Symb 1211 Element Symbols for Chem 1211 Chemistry 2011-09-06 rpusbach 62 0 edit
PubSpeak Vocab 1 Vocabulary Speech 1 English Vocabulary 2012-09-21 rpusbach 10 0 edit

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