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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Ch 32 continued Potter and Perry Ch 32 Urinary elimination Nursing 2017-10-28 persevereandovercome 19 1 edit
suffixes for surgery Suffixes for Surgeries Nursing 2010-04-06 persevereandovercome 7 0 edit
Herbs and Supplement Effects during the perioperative period Nursing 2010-04-06 persevereandovercome 13 0 edit
Diagnostic Test Common Preoperative Tests Nursing 2010-04-06 persevereandovercome 16 1 edit
Preop Medications Identify the Class and Use of Common Pre-op Drugs Nursing 2019-09-05 persevereandovercome 30 3 edit
Subjective Data Preoperative Assessment Nursing 2013-01-26 persevereandovercome 44 2 edit
Health History Preoperative Health History Questions - Table 18-3 Nursing 2010-04-07 persevereandovercome 14 0 edit
Table 18-5 Physiologic Assessment of the Preoperative Patient Nursing 2010-04-07 persevereandovercome 9 2 edit
Table 18-2 Psychosocial Assessment of the Preoperative Patient Nursing 2010-04-09 persevereandovercome 5 1 edit
Getting Old Gerontologic Differences in Assessment/Musculoskeletal Nursing 2010-04-16 persevereandovercome 9 0 edit
Synovial Joints Name the movements of synovial joints Nursing 2010-04-16 persevereandovercome 15 0 edit
How strong? Muscle strength scale Nursing 2010-04-16 persevereandovercome 6 0 edit
Muscle Man Possible findings/ Musculoskeletal System Assessment Nursing 2010-04-16 persevereandovercome 12 0 edit
Sports-Related Common Sports Related Injuries Nursing 2010-04-17 persevereandovercome 26 0 edit
musculoskeletal Prob Chapter 64 Lewis Musculoskeletal Problems Nursing 2010-04-23 persevereandovercome 49 1 edit
Diagnostic Studies Table 62-7 Nursing 2010-04-25 persevereandovercome 26 0 edit
Electrolyte Friends Balancing electroltyes Nursing 2010-05-11 persevereandovercome 77 2 edit
Respiratory Arrest ACLS Respiratory Arrest Case Nursing 2013-04-11 persevereandovercome 24 0 edit
PALS Chapter 2 Unfinished 2014-12-26 persevereandovercome 58 0 edit
Top 200 Drugs-2008 Top 200 Drugs-2008 Pharmacology 2016-10-13 arun3254 289 18 edit

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