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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
NDT Glossary NDT from Study CD Physical Therapy 2010-10-21 mwashburn 159 0 edit
Feeding resource-Ped Competency - Feeding Resource Tool (FENNS) Occupational Therapy 2020-08-25 mwashburn 8 0 edit
MS CAD lecture Physical Therapy 2019-06-24 jessigirrl4 58 2 edit
final-review 35 Outcome Measurement Tools Physical Therapy 2019-06-24 micah10 81 1 edit
Cardio Pulm Normal/Abnormal Responses Physical Therapy 2019-06-24 txst spr 2010 31 2 edit
NPTE: Cardio/Pulm Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Review Physical Therapy 2021-03-30 zimrizzle 88 22 edit
Cardiac Surgery Surgery 2 Medical 2019-06-24 Abarnard 59 3 edit
Cardiopulm comp Cardiopulm competency 2019 Unfinished 2019-07-01 kswanick 62 1 edit
Cardiopulmonary Pharmacological management Physical Therapy 2019-06-25 glopez111 16 1 edit
Changes in ECG Pathological Changes in ECG Physical Therapy 2019-06-25 cdesai 17 1 edit
Acute PT Overview Acute Care PT: An Overview, some of the slides Physical Therapy 2019-06-25 1190550002 57 2 edit
Disorder/Interventn Disorders and General Intervention Considerations for PEDS Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 100000007924890 20 6 edit
OT pediatrics Childhood diseases Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 natkat 15 17 edit
Pediatric ReflexesOT Peds Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 ButterflyB 39 10 edit
Peds Positioning 2 Peds Postioning/Handling Ch.13 Occupational Therapy 2021-08-02 100000007924890 18 6 edit

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