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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Living Thing Decomposers, Consumers, and Producers Unfinished 2010-03-25 mrowland 12 0 edit
US Maps SC Regions/Borders/Landforms/Rivers Unfinished 2012-09-24 mrowland 13 0 edit
Soils and resources Students are able to identify different types of soil and resources Unfinished 2010-03-31 mrowland 10 0 edit
Early Settler De Soto, Pardo, Ribault, Hilton, Woodward Unfinished 2010-04-01 mrowland 26 0 edit
Forms of Matter Condensation, Evaporation, Insulators, Conductors Unfinished 2010-04-13 mrowland 12 0 edit
American Revolution Stamp Act, Tea Act, and the Heroes of the Revolution Unfinished 2013-11-08 mrowland 25 0 edit
Jim Crow Laws Students must be able to identify things that happen during this time. Unfinished 2011-01-19 mrowland 9 0 edit
Policy and Procedure Policy and Procedure Unfinished 2013-08-22 mrowland 27 0 edit
Branches of Governme Students must know the 3 Branches of Government and its role Unfinished 2010-11-03 mrowland 12 2 edit
19th and 20th Centur Students must know the changes that happen in SC during the 19th and 20th centur Unfinished 2011-01-06 mrowland 12 0 edit
Weather and Wind 2nd Students must be able to identify weather tools and terminology. Science 2011-10-14 mrowland 9 0 edit
Local Government 2nd Students must be able to identify local government leaders and roles. Standardized Tests 2011-10-27 mrowland 13 0 edit
weather safety 2nd Students must be able to identify severe weather and precautions Unfinished 2011-11-04 mrowland 14 0 edit
Government/Continent 2nd grade knowing the continents and government Unfinished 2011-11-11 mrowland 12 0 edit
Rights/Responsibilit understanding citizen rights and responsibilities Unfinished 2012-08-25 mrowland 6 0 edit
Law Terminology Law Terminology Unfinished 2012-12-01 mrowland 40 0 edit
Law Terms 2 Law Terms 2 Unfinished 2012-12-01 mrowland 32 0 edit
Law Terms 3 Law Terms 3 Unfinished 2012-12-01 mrowland 38 0 edit
Law Terms 4 Law Terms 4 Unfinished 2012-12-01 mrowland 24 0 edit
Law Terms 5 Law Terms 5 Unfinished 2012-12-01 mrowland 12 0 edit
Teachers and the Law Teachers and the Law Unfinished 2012-12-01 mrowland 36 0 edit
Civil War Students will learn about the North verses the South and the reason why. Unfinished 2013-12-02 mrowland 9 0 edit

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