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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
PA Microbiology 1 Bacterial morphology, growth genetics, human flora, pathogenesis, antibiotics Bacteriology 2015-03-11 mccullough87 315 2 edit
Pharmacology Nervous System, Cholinergic and Adrenergic Agonists/Antagonists Pharmacology 2011-12-22 mccullough87 517 0 edit
EKG PASS 573 EKG PASS 573 Medical 2011-12-30 mccullough87 154 0 edit
Women's Health I STDs, STIs, Contraception, Menstrual Disorders Medical 2011-12-31 mccullough87 394 0 edit
MSUAZ Clin Lab Med 1 CBC, CMP, UA, Na, K Laboratory Science 2012-01-17 mccullough87 54 0 edit
MSU AZ Micro 2 Worms, Respiratory: viral, RTI, cough, pneumonia, TB, Diarrhea Medical 2012-01-21 mccullough87 225 0 edit
Boards GI Stuff I should know Medical 2013-06-28 mccullough87 298 0 edit
Boards Infectious Dz Stuff I should know Medical 2013-07-27 mccullough87 315 0 edit
Psychiatry/Behavior Stuff I should know Medical 2013-08-10 mccullough87 180 0 edit

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