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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Viral Mol Bio 1 Overview of molecular biology tactics employed by RNA viruses. Biochemistry 2020-02-21 mbell133 38 0 edit
DNA Pol S&F Description of the structure and function of the T7 DNA Polymerase Biochemistry 2020-02-23 mbell133 32 0 edit
RNA POL II Description of the structure and function of the RNA Polymerase 2 Biochemistry 2020-02-23 mbell133 38 0 edit
Topoisomerase II Description of the structure and function of the Topoisomerase II Biochemistry 2020-02-22 mbell133 22 0 edit
60S Ribosome Description of the structure and function of the 60S large ribosomal subunit Biochemistry 2020-02-23 mbell133 41 0 edit
HIV/Retroviruses Overview of the molecular biology of HIV as an example of retroviruses Biochemistry 2020-02-25 mbell133 45 0 edit
Pentoses Phosphates Description de la voie des pentoses phosphates et les enzymes qui y participent Unfinished 2020-03-01 mbell133 21 0 edit
Cat. acides gras Survol des réactions impliquées dans la catabolisme des acides gras Unfinished 2020-03-05 mbell133 52 0 edit
Biosynth des AGs Description des réactions et enzymes impliquées dans la biosynthèse des acides g Unfinished 2020-03-08 mbell133 19 0 edit
Reg synth TGs Chol Description de la régulation de la symthèse des TGs et du cholestérol Unfinished 2020-03-09 mbell133 35 0 edit
Lipoprotéines Déscription de la structure et fonction des lipoprotéines Unfinished 2020-03-09 mbell133 17 0 edit
DNA viruses overview of DNA viruses Unfinished 2020-03-30 mbell133 82 0 edit
evolution&emergence Overview of the evolution and emergence of viruses Unfinished 2020-03-31 mbell133 38 0 edit
Viruses and cancer Overview of cancer-causing viruses and the processes involved Unfinished 2020-04-01 mbell133 40 0 edit
Host immunity Overview of immune responses to viral infection by the host Unfinished 2020-04-03 mbell133 38 0 edit
adaptive immunity Overview of the adaptive immune response to viral infection Unfinished 2020-04-03 mbell133 6 0 edit

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