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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Unit 4 Exploding Ant Unit 4 Exploding Ants Reading 2020-02-25 kinardm 9 4 edit
Unit 4 Gymnast Unit 4 The Gymnast Reading 2009-01-10 kinardm 12 0 edit
Three-Century Woman Three-Century Woman Unfinished 2011-03-30 kinardm 11 2 edit
The Titanic The Unsinkable Wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic Unfinished 2009-01-31 kinardm 10 2 edit
Talk with Astronaut Talk with an Astronaut Reading 2009-02-07 kinardm 9 1 edit
Journey to the Cente Journey to the Center of the Eart Reading 2009-02-15 kinardm 9 1 edit
Ghost Towns Ghost Towns of the American West Reading 2009-02-20 kinardm 8 1 edit
At the Beach At the Beach Reading 2009-02-26 kinardm 11 1 edit
Mystery of St Mattew The Mystery of Sain Matthew Island Reading 2018-02-27 kinardm 11 1 edit
King Midas King Midas and the Golden Touch Reading 2014-06-13 kinardm 9 9 edit
Hindenburg The Hindenburg Reading 2012-11-08 kinardm 9 2 edit
Sweet Music Sweet Music in Harlem Reading 2015-04-28 kinardm 10 2 edit
Frindle Vocab Frindle Unfinished 2009-08-03 kinardm 12 2 edit
U 1 W 2thunder rose Thunder Rose Unfinished 2009-08-06 kinardm 13 1 edit
Island of Blue Dolph Island of the Blue Dolphins Unfinished 2009-08-16 kinardm 10 1 edit
Satchel Paige Satchel Paige Vocab Unfinished 2018-11-21 kinardm 10 2 edit
Shutting Out the Sky Shutting out the Sky Unfinished 2009-08-29 kinardm 12 1 edit
Inside Out Inside Out Vocabulary Unfinished 2009-08-31 kinardm 9 1 edit
Passage to Freedom v Passage to Freedom vocabulary Unfinished 2009-09-11 kinardm 11 1 edit
Purse Ch Ch'-iin Purse Vocab Unfinished 2009-09-11 kinardm 12 1 edit
U 2 W 4 Jane Goodall Jane Goodall's 10 ways to help save wildlife Unfinished 2009-09-12 kinardm 8 1 edit
Midnight Ride of Pau Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Unfinished 2020-03-04 kinardm 10 3 edit
Wings for King Wings for the King Vocabulary Unfinished 2009-09-18 kinardm 8 1 edit
Leonardos Horse Leonardo's Horse Vocab Unfinished 2018-01-21 kinardm 12 4 edit
Dinosaurs Waterhouse Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins Vocab Unfinished 2022-01-28 kinardm 10 3 edit
Mahalia Jackson Mahalia Jackson Vocab Unfinished 2009-09-18 kinardm 10 1 edit
U3W4 Special Effects Special Effects in Film & Television Vocab Unfinished 2009-09-18 kinardm 8 1 edit
Westlandia Weslandia Vocab Reading 2009-12-03 kinardm 11 1 edit
Stretching Ourselves Stretching Ourselves Vocab Reading 2009-12-03 kinardm 9 1 edit

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