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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
NURS202 ExamII Pt1 Pharmacology for Clients with Altered Nutrition and Elimination Needs Nursing 2010-10-06 kgrabo99 66 0 edit
NURS202 ExamII Pt2 Need for Nutrition and Elimination, NG tube,endoscopy,colostomy,enemas Nursing 2017-10-28 kgrabo99 14 1 edit
NURS202 ExamII Pt3 Anxiety Disorders and related pharmocology Unfinished 2010-10-07 kgrabo99 22 0 edit
NURS202 Exam III Pt1 Altered Cognitive Processes-Smelzer and Townsend Nursing 2010-10-26 kgrabo99 13 1 edit
NURS202 Exam III Pt2 Antihypertensive Drugs- Actions,Indications,Adverse Effects (Except Diuretics) Nursing 2010-10-24 kgrabo99 46 0 edit
NURS202 Exam III Pt3 Assessment and Management of Patients with Hypertension Unfinished 2010-10-24 kgrabo99 36 0 edit
NURS202 Exam III Pt4 Antihypertensive Drugs- Diuretics Nursing 2010-10-25 kgrabo99 32 0 edit
NURS202 Exam III Pt5 Antihypertensive Drugs- Names Nursing 2010-10-25 kgrabo99 18 0 edit
NURS202 Exam III QC Quick Cards Nursing 2010-10-26 kgrabo99 56 0 edit
NURS202 Exam III Pt6 Mental Retardation Nursing 2010-10-26 kgrabo99 4 0 edit
NURS202 Final Pt1 Vocabulary Nursing 2010-11-10 kgrabo99 21 0 edit
NURS202 Final Pt2 Miscellaneous Nursing 2010-11-11 kgrabo99 11 0 edit
NURS202 Final Pt3 Meds Unfinished 2010-11-11 kgrabo99 23 0 edit
NURS202 Final Pt4 Meds SE, cautions, contraindications, interventions Nursing 2010-11-11 kgrabo99 18 0 edit
NURS202 Final Pt5 Nursing Dx's Treatments and Interventions Nursing 2010-11-11 kgrabo99 15 2 edit
NURS215/216 ExamII Maternity-Child Nursing 2011-01-14 kgrabo99 29 0 edit
NURS215/216ExamIIPt2 Numbers Nursing 2011-01-20 kgrabo99 80 0 edit
NURS215/216ExamIIPt3 Maternity-Child, definitions, acronyms Nursing 2015-08-24 kgrabo99 33 3 edit
NURS215Antibio Quiz NURS215Antibio Quiz Nursing 2011-02-03 kgrabo99 29 0 edit
NURS215 ExamIII MsBorstStudyGuideInfo Nursing 2011-02-09 kgrabo99 22 0 edit
NURS215ExamIII Morri Studyguide from Dr. Morrison Nursing 2011-02-10 kgrabo99 10 0 edit
NURS220ExamIII Cancer: Prevention Nursing 2011-04-21 kgrabo99 16 0 edit
NCLEX numbers lab values, drug therapeutic/toxic levels, etc Nursing 2020-05-22 kgrabo99 40 2 edit
NCLEX meaning lab values, findings Unfinished 2011-11-16 kgrabo99 7 0 edit
Unit 5 Week 2 Unfinished 2016-03-10 kgrabo99 3 0 edit
NE SE NE, SE and MW Unfinished 2018-03-21 kgrabo99 35 0 edit
West West States and Capitals Geography 2020-11-09 kgrabo99 11 1 edit

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