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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Los Deportes (Sports) Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 14 0 edit
videojuegosAdjetivos video games & Adjectives Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 17 0 edit
películaslatelvisión movies and tv Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 16 0 edit
En mi opinión in my opinion/ Comparisons(Comparaciones) Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 7 0 edit
conciertoOpinionione concert and expressing your opinions Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 9 0 edit
Otro vocabulario other vocab Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 3 0 edit
verbos con cambios stem-changing verbs(shoe verbs) Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 8 0 edit
Verbos Regulares Regular Verbs Spanish 2019-09-10 keira.butcher 6 0 edit
Los Quehaceres chores Spanish 2019-10-07 keira.butcher 31 0 edit
Las frutas fruits Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 16 0 edit
Los vegatables Vegetables/venduras Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 13 0 edit
Productos lásteos Dairy products Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 3 0 edit
Carnes y proteína Meat & protein Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 16 0 edit
Los granos Grains Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 6 0 edit
Otras comidas Other foods Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 5 0 edit
Vamos a comer Let's Eat Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 4 0 edit
Las Bebidas Drinks Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 7 0 edit
Los Postres Desserts Spanish 2019-10-15 keira.butcher 69 0 edit
Las Los cuartos de Casa (rooms in the house) Spanish 2019-12-02 keira.butcher 11 0 edit
Mi Rutina Diaria My daily routine Spanish 2019-12-02 keira.butcher 14 0 edit
La Casa The house Spanish 2019-12-02 keira.butcher 4 0 edit
¿Qué me /te/le pasó? ¿Qué me /te/le pasó? Spanish 2019-12-13 keira.butcher 21 0 edit
Verbos/vocabulario Verbos/vocabulario Spanish 2019-12-13 keira.butcher 50 0 edit
Partes del Cuerpo Parts of the Body Spanish 2019-12-15 keira.butcher 31 0 edit

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