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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Basic IV vocab IV vocabulary Paramedic/EMT 2009-07-22 kcpatterson 25 2 edit
Basic IV Review Basic Review of Chapter 40 IV's Paramedic/EMT 2009-10-26 kcpatterson 71 3 edit
Basic 12-Lead vocab Cardiac Monitoring Vocab Basic Paramedic/EMT 2018-05-22 kcpatterson 15 4 edit
Basic 12-Lead Review Basic 12-Lead review chapt 41 Paramedic/EMT 2009-08-04 kcpatterson 1 0 edit
EMT-Basic/Drugs EMT-B Drugs and indications for adults Paramedic/EMT 2016-08-07 kcpatterson 22 3 edit
Drug profiles Names, Class, moa, dosages Paramedic/EMT 2009-04-01 klindley 173 7 edit
WellBeing of the EMT Brady Emergency Care 11th edition: Chapter 2 Key Terms Paramedic/EMT 2014-01-16 Ceide 9 6 edit
Intro to E.M.Care Brady Emergency Care 11th edition: Chapter 1 Key Terms Paramedic/EMT 2015-02-17 Ceide 10 7 edit
EMT Terms Ch. 14 Cardiac Emergencies Paramedic/EMT 2017-09-03 saunterdog 31 7 edit
Breath Sounds Breath Sounds Paramedic/EMT 2015-05-05 tseitz 5 20 edit
Child/Infant Med. Child/Infant Medical Trivia Paramedic/EMT 2008-12-10 emilyshea_x 23 17 edit
Bleeding and Shock Bleeding and Shock Paramedic/EMT 2013-12-18 duggerson 20 18 edit
EMT Terms Ch.42 EMS Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Unfinished 2009-10-22 saunterdog 14 1 edit
EMT Terms Ch.41 Multiple-Casualty Incidents Unfinished 2009-10-22 saunterdog 11 1 edit
12-Lead ECG 12-Lead ECG basics. Paramedic/EMT 2018-05-22 1587697768 21 30 edit
General Terms Basic terms Paramedic/EMT 2018-06-04 cndoke 41 52 edit

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