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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Human Development Traces of evolution World History 2014-01-06 johnbacolor 11 0 edit
Civil War What should we know about the War between the States? Social Studies 2014-05-25 johnbacolor 12 0 edit
Civilizations Era2 World History: Agrarian Civilizations and Pastoral Nomads Social Studies 2017-12-06 johnbacolor 49 8 edit
Reconstruction Post Civil War Social Studies 2014-05-25 johnbacolor 9 0 edit
Chapter 18 Events Leading to the Civil War Social Studies 2014-05-25 johnbacolor 10 0 edit
Chapter 16-17 Manifest Destiny Unfinished 2015-04-06 johnbacolor 28 1 edit
Chapter 14-15 Life in the South & Reform Movements Social Studies 2014-05-26 johnbacolor 15 0 edit
Chapter 13 Chapter 13: Industrial Revolution Social Studies 2015-02-04 johnbacolor 27 0 edit
4 historian tools How do historians sort out their evidence? Social Studies 2014-10-21 johnbacolor 26 0 edit
3 branches of gov't 3 branches of gov't and Preamble + Constitution Social Studies 2014-10-22 johnbacolor 37 3 edit
Bill of Rights Bill of Rights Unfinished 2014-10-25 johnbacolor 21 0 edit
Unit 2 Lesson 2-3 World History: Prehistory and Early Humans Social Studies 2016-11-20 johnbacolor 21 3 edit
Chapter 10 : Wash. The Presidency of George Washington Social Studies 2015-01-12 johnbacolor 33 1 edit
Unit 2 Lessons 5-7 Paleolithic, Great Thaw, Neolithic Social Studies 2014-12-04 johnbacolor 20 0 edit
Unit 2 Test Beginnings of Human Society Social Studies 2016-01-08 johnbacolor 30 0 edit
7th grade Midterm The Work of Historians during the Early beginnings to early human society Social Studies 2015-01-18 johnbacolor 33 1 edit
8th grade Midterm Key Documents: Washington through Jackson Social Studies 2015-01-05 johnbacolor 21 0 edit
Constitution Midterm How did we go about making a more perfect union? Social Studies 2015-01-11 johnbacolor 58 0 edit
Chapter 11 8th grade This covers the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson/ James Madison and the Preamble Social Studies 2015-01-15 johnbacolor 19 0 edit
Unit 3 River Civil. The where, then when, the why civilizations started Social Studies 2015-02-12 johnbacolor 20 0 edit
Unit 3 Lessons 4-6 Laws, Pastoral Nomads, Technology Social Studies 2015-03-15 johnbacolor 28 0 edit
Unit 4 Lessons 1-3 This covers the rise and fall of empires Social Studies 2015-05-20 johnbacolor 32 1 edit

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