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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Neuro Lower Extremity Innervation Physical Therapy 2020-01-13 glopez111 41 1 edit
Neuro Nerves of the Brachial plexus Physical Therapy 2015-11-11 glopez111 20 0 edit
Neuro Ascending and Descending Tracts Physical Therapy 2016-02-18 glopez111 15 0 edit
Neuro Nerve Root Dermatomes, Myotomes, Reflexes, Paresthesias Physical Therapy 2015-11-10 glopez111 36 0 edit
Musculoskeletal Muscle Actions Physical Therapy 2016-01-27 glopez111 43 0 edit
Neuro Muscle/Movement Impairment Terminology Physical Therapy 2015-11-12 glopez111 18 0 edit
Neuro PNF Therapeutic Exercise Descriptions Physical Therapy 2015-11-12 glopez111 15 0 edit
Musculoskeletal Amputation and Prosthetics: Gait Deviations Physical Therapy 2017-06-03 glopez111 16 1 edit
Musculoskeletal Loose packed position and closed packed position of joints Physical Therapy 2015-11-13 glopez111 21 0 edit
Musculoskeletal Common capsular patterns of joints Physical Therapy 2017-03-24 glopez111 25 1 edit
Cardiopulmonary Lung volumes and capacities Physical Therapy 2016-10-04 glopez111 13 1 edit
Cardiopulmonary Palpation of peripheral arterial pulses Physical Therapy 2015-11-20 glopez111 8 0 edit
Cardiopulmonary Postural Drainage Positioning Physical Therapy 2016-10-04 glopez111 10 1 edit
Integumentary Ulcer Characteristics Physical Therapy 2016-10-03 glopez111 27 1 edit
Integumentary Pressure Ulcer Staging Physical Therapy 2016-10-03 glopez111 16 1 edit
Musculoskeletal Manual Muscle Testing Grades Physical Therapy 2015-12-10 glopez111 12 0 edit
Musculoskeletal Range of motion Physical Therapy 2016-02-01 glopez111 45 0 edit
Neuromuscular Myotome (muscle weakness) Physical Therapy 2016-02-10 glopez111 19 0 edit
Neuro Function of the lobes of the cerebrum Physical Therapy 2016-02-11 glopez111 14 0 edit
Neuro Dermatomes Physical Therapy 2016-04-14 glopez111 22 0 edit
Neuro Hemisphere Specialization of Brain Physical Therapy 2016-02-12 glopez111 23 0 edit
Neuro Peripheral nerve injury: typical etiologies Physical Therapy 2016-02-16 glopez111 11 0 edit
Neuro Characteristics of a CVA Physical Therapy 2016-02-16 glopez111 29 0 edit
Cardiopulmonary Pharmacological management Physical Therapy 2019-06-25 glopez111 16 1 edit
Cardiopulmonary Reference values Physical Therapy 2016-02-29 glopez111 8 0 edit
Cardiopulmonary ABGs Physical Therapy 2016-02-29 glopez111 15 0 edit
Cardiopulmonary Restrictive vs obstructive lung disease Physical Therapy 2016-03-02 glopez111 12 0 edit

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