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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Map skills for gr6 Map Skills for Grade 6 Social Studies 2016-08-02 garfieldwhitebooi 22 0 edit
Numbers and Integers Maths Math 2016-07-06 garfieldwhitebooi 14 0 edit
Proportions Direct and Indirect Math 2016-07-06 garfieldwhitebooi 6 0 edit
Integers Properties of Integers Math 2016-07-03 garfieldwhitebooi 17 0 edit
Common Fractions Common Fractions Calculation Math 2016-07-06 garfieldwhitebooi 27 0 edit
Decimal Fractions Decimal Fractions Calculations Math 2016-07-06 garfieldwhitebooi 23 0 edit
Laws of Exponents Laws of Exponents Math 2022-03-31 garfieldwhitebooi 20 5 edit
Numeric and Geometri Numeric and Geometric Patterns Math 2016-07-08 garfieldwhitebooi 28 0 edit
Pythagoras Theorem of Pythagoras Math 2016-07-10 garfieldwhitebooi 16 0 edit
Geometry Geometry of Straight Lines Math 2016-07-10 garfieldwhitebooi 15 0 edit
geometry of 2D Geometry of 2D shapes Math 2016-07-13 garfieldwhitebooi 36 0 edit
perimeters 2d shapes perimeters and areas of 2D shapes Math 2016-07-13 garfieldwhitebooi 22 0 edit
Graphs Analyse and Interpret Graphs Math 2016-07-13 garfieldwhitebooi 20 0 edit
3D Shapes Surface areas and volume of 3D shapes Math 2018-03-28 garfieldwhitebooi 29 1 edit
rigid transformation Rigid Transformations Math 2016-07-13 garfieldwhitebooi 25 0 edit
geometry of 3D Geometry of 3D Shapes Math 2016-07-14 garfieldwhitebooi 31 0 edit
Data Management Data Collection, Representation and Analysis Math 2016-07-14 garfieldwhitebooi 18 0 edit
Probability Experimental Probability Math 2016-07-15 garfieldwhitebooi 28 0 edit
Map Skills Contour lines, Orthophoto, Topographic and Aerial Maps Geography 2016-07-15 garfieldwhitebooi 25 0 edit
Development Development Issues Geography 2016-07-15 garfieldwhitebooi 24 0 edit
Weathering Weathering Social Studies 2016-07-21 garfieldwhitebooi 20 0 edit
Erosion and Dep Erosion and Deposition Social Studies 2016-07-21 garfieldwhitebooi 34 0 edit
People Soil Erosion Impact of People on Soil Erosion Social Studies 2016-07-21 garfieldwhitebooi 5 0 edit
trade trade for grade 6 Social Studies 2016-08-02 garfieldwhitebooi 25 0 edit

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