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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Basic French Unit Greetings and common words for beginners French 2021-04-27 ddiop2 42 2 edit
Ms. D's Short Basic Greetings and common words French 2021-02-28 ddiop2 10 1 edit
Greetings B Greetings and common words French 2020-11-24 ddiop2 7 0 edit
Ms. D's Greetings C Greetings and common words French 2021-02-28 ddiop2 7 1 edit
Ms. D's People Professions, places, review French 2021-03-07 ddiop2 10 2 edit
Ms. D's Travel Tourist locations and needed items French 2021-02-28 ddiop2 12 1 edit
Ms. D's Family 3-generational family; verbs: go, have, want; possesives French 2021-02-28 ddiop2 14 1 edit
Family A Family A French 2020-11-11 ddiop2 2 0 edit
Ms. D's Activities Intro to conjugations of avoir, aller, vouloir French 2021-02-28 ddiop2 22 2 edit
Ms. D's Basics 2 Basics 2 French 2021-03-07 ddiop2 21 2 edit
Ms. D's Family 2 family members and descriptions French 2021-02-28 ddiop2 19 1 edit
Ms. D's Family 2 Use plurals to name and describe family French 2021-02-28 ddiop2 16 1 edit
Ms. D's Restaurant Common menu items, order phrases, French 2021-03-08 ddiop2 26 2 edit
City Unit Names of places, big, little, open, closed and other terms French 2021-03-11 ddiop2 30 0 edit
Travel 2 Unit Intro to masc./plural countries, contration of au/aux, regular and irreg verbs French 2021-03-24 ddiop2 25 0 edit
At Home Unit Highlights écrire, prepositions: à, au, aux, en, dans, sur, & indef articles French 2021-03-24 ddiop2 21 0 edit
People 2 Plural nouns, plural verbs, numbers 1-3 French 2021-03-25 ddiop2 20 0 edit
At Work Terminology for work places and items French 2021-04-14 ddiop2 35 0 edit
Food Unit - cuisine prendre, cuisiner, préparer, prêt, prête, ce, cette, ces, bon, bonne French 2021-04-27 ddiop2 24 0 edit
Ms. D's Shopping Uni getting basic food items using du, de la, de l' and des French 2022-04-23 ddiop2 19 0 edit
Shopping #2 Clothing items with emphasis on eaux words and celui-ci variations French 2022-04-26 ddiop2 12 0 edit
Groceries Unit Foods shopped for and related verbs French 2022-04-26 ddiop2 19 0 edit
Fishing using verbs associated with fishing French 2022-04-27 ddiop2 2 0 edit
People 3 Unit Age, nationalities, hair color French 2022-05-02 ddiop2 23 0 edit
City 3 Unit Commands, Exclamations with "quel" forms, giving directions, etc. French 2022-05-08 ddiop2 17 0 edit

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