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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Organic Chemistry Organic Definitions and Terms Chemistry 2022-05-10 cbschemistry 21 2 edit
Petrol and Octane No Fuel terms and definitions Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 20 1 edit
Thermochemistry Terms and Definitions Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 12 1 edit
Organic Families Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acids, Ester and Saponification Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 31 1 edit
The Atom Discovery of the Atom and subatomic particles Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 13 1 edit
Electron and Atom The arrangement of electron around the atom Chemistry 2017-09-26 cbschemistry 26 3 edit
The Periodic Table History and Configuration of the Periodic Table Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 28 1 edit
Chemical Bonding Ionic, Covalent, Sigma, Pi, Inter and Intra Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 40 1 edit
Radiation Discovery and Chemistry of Radiation Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 18 1 edit
Periodic Trends Trends and Patterns in the Periodic Table Chemistry 2022-03-23 cbschemistry 14 3 edit
Tests for Anions Tests for Anions in Solution Chemistry 2023-04-12 cbschemistry 10 1 edit
Properties of Gases Properties of Gases and Gas Laws Chemistry 2017-09-06 cbschemistry 24 2 edit
Acids and Bases Arrhenius and Bronsted Lowry Chemistry 2015-01-27 cbschemistry 17 1 edit
Volumetric Analysis1 Volumetric Analysis: Acid/Base Chemistry 2017-09-06 cbschemistry 26 3 edit
Redox Oxidation and Reduction Definitions Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 9 1 edit
Volumetric Analysis2 Volumetric Analysis: Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry 2017-09-06 cbschemistry 18 2 edit
Rates of Reaction Rates/Reactions/Catalysts and Kinetic Theory Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 33 1 edit
Chemical Equilibrium Chemical Kinetics and Le Chatelier's Principle Chemistry 2016-04-29 cbschemistry 14 2 edit
Natural Organics Esters, Soap and Organic Synthesis Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 17 1 edit
Organic Reactions Substitution, Addition, Elimination and Polymerisation Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 25 1 edit
pH and Indicators Derivation of pH, Uses of indicators Chemistry 2016-04-29 cbschemistry 19 2 edit
Water Environmental Chemistry, Hardness and Water Treatment Chemistry 2015-01-26 cbschemistry 37 1 edit

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