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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Electronic equipment vocabulary for students of design English Vocabulary 2018-02-18 caddyny 9 0 edit
Basic actions in art English vocabulary for art and design English Vocabulary 2018-03-09 caddyny 16 0 edit
Colour theory vocabulary for colour theory art and design vocabulary English Vocabulary 2018-09-15 caddyny 18 0 edit
Sexism in English English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2018-09-22 caddyny 20 0 edit
Colour schemes Creating colour schemes English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2018-09-23 caddyny 12 0 edit
Texture designers vocabulary texture English Vocabulary 2018-09-26 caddyny 18 0 edit
a place to live city city vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-02-01 caddyny 22 0 edit
food effect 1 English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-06-03 caddyny 15 0 edit
food effect 2 English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-06-03 caddyny 8 0 edit
food effect 3 English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-06-03 caddyny 10 0 edit
Maps, Central Europe English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-08-18 caddyny 17 0 edit
Happiness advanced Happiness advanced English Vocabulary 2021-01-31 caddyny 22 1 edit
quantum computers 1 English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-09-29 caddyny 9 0 edit
quantum computers 2 English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-09-29 caddyny 12 0 edit
quantum computers 3 English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-09-29 caddyny 9 0 edit
Why eating insects m English vocabulary English Vocabulary 2019-10-06 caddyny 16 0 edit
life expectancy How long will you live? English Vocabulary 2019-10-20 caddyny 14 0 edit
design vocabulary design vocabulary English Vocabulary 2020-03-19 caddyny 21 0 edit
SUPERSTITIONS SUPERSTITIONS English Vocabulary 2020-03-24 caddyny 9 0 edit
Covid-19 and economy Covid-19 and economy English Vocabulary 2021-11-30 caddyny 20 1 edit
App-based contact App-based contact tracing English Vocabulary 2020-04-17 caddyny 11 0 edit
baking and lockdown baking and lockdown English Vocabulary 2020-05-10 caddyny 16 0 edit
animals in the city animals in the city English Vocabulary 2020-05-16 caddyny 14 0 edit
Zoom fatigue Zoom fatigue English Vocabulary 2020-05-19 caddyny 16 0 edit
Face Masks FASHION Face Masks FASHION English Vocabulary 2020-06-12 caddyny 18 0 edit
Working Life Working Life in a Ne English Vocabulary 2021-06-17 caddyny 13 1 edit
Places in town Places in town English Vocabulary 2020-07-05 caddyny 15 0 edit
What's in a vaccine What's in a vaccine English Vocabulary 2021-09-07 caddyny 20 0 edit
History Of Halloween History Of Halloween English Vocabulary 2021-10-24 caddyny 15 0 edit
Covid-19: How danger Covid-19: How danger English Vocabulary 2021-12-21 caddyny 20 0 edit
Personal finance Personal finance English Vocabulary 2022-02-05 caddyny 16 0 edit

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