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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Chapter 1B como eres tu? Spanish 2020-11-12 braultc 32 0 edit
Visitando Sudameria Spanish geography vocabulary Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 28 0 edit
Realidades 2A Spanish AR conjugation vocabulary Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 36 0 edit
Realidades 6A en mi dormitorio vocabulary Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 32 0 edit
Bosque Tropical rainforest and prepositions Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 26 0 edit
Realidades 2B classroom items and prepositions Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 29 0 edit
Realidades 6B house and chores Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 33 0 edit
Animales del mundo animals of the world Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 31 0 edit
Realidades 3A Breakfast and lunch Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 28 0 edit
Realidades 7A clothes and shopping Spanish 2020-04-10 braultc 32 0 edit
Para Empezar 6th grade first unit Spanish 2020-08-16 braultc 32 0 edit
5th BOY days, months, seasons, colors Spanish 2020-08-16 braultc 34 0 edit
7th BOY review vocabulary Spanish 2020-09-01 braultc 21 0 edit
Realidades 1A activities and guitar Spanish 2020-09-03 braultc 28 0 edit
Realidades 3B healthy eating Spanish 2020-09-03 braultc 37 0 edit
Subject pronouns Subject pronouns Spanish 2020-09-08 braultc 19 0 edit
Realidades 3A conj Realidades 3A conj Spanish 2020-09-10 braultc 29 0 edit
numbers and weather 5th Spanish unit one Spanish 2020-09-30 braultc 30 0 edit
Emotions 5th grade Spanish Spanish 2020-10-16 braultc 25 0 edit
Realidades 2 Unit 1B extracurricular activities Spanish 2020-10-17 braultc 29 0 edit
Chapter 4A voy a Unfinished 2020-10-19 braultc 32 0 edit
chapter 4B quieres ir conmigo Spanish 2020-11-12 braultc 39 0 edit
Physical description 5th grade Spanish 2020-11-12 braultc 23 0 edit
Realidades 5A family and celebrations Spanish 2020-12-14 braultc 38 0 edit
Los deportes 5th grade sports and activities Spanish 2020-12-14 braultc 79 0 edit
Frutas y vegetales fruits and veggies in spanish Spanish 2021-01-08 braultc 27 0 edit
realidades 5B realidades 5B Spanish 2021-01-11 braultc 35 0 edit
Realidades 2A my school day Spanish 2021-01-11 braultc 41 0 edit

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