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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
ZOO4650; Lab2; Part1 ZOO4650; Monotremes and Marsupials Biology 2018-10-26 bettafische 11 0 edit
ZOO4650; Lab2; Part2 ZOO4650; Insectivores Biology 2018-10-26 bettafische 8 0 edit
ZOO4650; Lab2; Part3 ZOO4650; Chiroptera Biology 2018-10-27 bettafische 16 0 edit
ZOO4650; Lab2; Part4 ZOO4650; Xenarthra Biology 2018-10-27 bettafische 5 0 edit
ZOO4650; Lab2; Part5 ZOO4650; Carnivora Biology 2018-10-27 bettafische 21 0 edit
ZOO4650; Lab2; Part6 ZOO4650; Primates Biology 2018-10-27 bettafische 7 0 edit
Lab02; Species Name Common and scientific name for each required species. Biology 2018-10-28 bettafische 42 0 edit
Monotremes Order Monotremata Biology 2018-11-05 bettafische 20 0 edit
Marsupials/Placental Comparison between marsupials (metatherians) and placental mammals. Biology 2018-11-04 bettafische 13 0 edit
Marsupials Infraclass Metatheria Unfinished 2018-11-05 bettafische 6 0 edit
"Insectivores" Clades Afrotheria, Euarchonta, Lipotyphla Biology 2018-11-05 bettafische 37 0 edit
Primates Order Primates Unfinished 2018-11-05 bettafische 4 0 edit
Clade Xenarthra Clade Xenarthra Biology 2018-11-05 bettafische 23 0 edit
ZOO4440; Exam 2 Various parasites Unfinished 2019-03-13 bettafische 1 0 edit

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