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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
pharm revr defs Orange module pharmacology reverse definitions Medical 2018-11-20 alissamazereeuw 60 0 edit
pharm abbrevs Orange module pharmacology abbreviations Medical 2021-05-08 alissamazereeuw 181 0 edit
r - abbrev red mod abbreviations Medical 2019-02-20 alissamazereeuw 85 0 edit
r - diagn abbrv red diagnostic abbreviations Medical 2019-02-04 alissamazereeuw 24 0 edit
p nervous rev def purple module nervous system reverse defs Medical 2019-12-03 alissamazereeuw 123 1 edit
p nervous abbrv purple module nervous abbreviations Medical 2019-03-05 alissamazereeuw 33 0 edit
p special s revr def purple module special senses reverse definitions Medical 2019-12-12 alissamazereeuw 120 0 edit
p special s abbrev purple module special senses abbreviations Medical 2019-03-12 alissamazereeuw 21 0 edit
p - suffix + prefix purple module terminology suffixes and prefixes Medical 2019-03-21 alissamazereeuw 92 0 edit
p - abbrev purple module terminology abbreviations Medical 2019-03-22 alissamazereeuw 77 0 edit
G term combining green terminology combining forms Medical 2019-05-16 alissamazereeuw 77 0 edit
g term pre + suf green terminology prefixes & suffixes Medical 2019-05-21 alissamazereeuw 57 0 edit
g term abbrevs green terminology abbreviations Medical 2019-05-21 alissamazereeuw 69 0 edit
Urinalysis - abbrevs Urinalysis - abbrevs Medical 2019-08-08 alissamazereeuw 20 0 edit
white combining form white module terminology combining forms Medical 2019-09-16 alissamazereeuw 84 1 edit
white pre + suf white module terminology suffixes + prefixes Medical 2020-07-09 alissamazereeuw 83 2 edit
white abbrevs white module terminology combining forms Medical 2020-06-30 alissamazereeuw 93 2 edit
WHITE TERM REVIEW WHITE TERM REVIEW Medical 2019-09-16 alissamazereeuw 140 1 edit
blood/lymph/immune reverse definitions Unfinished 2019-06-12 meredithguy 98 1 edit
infection control reverse definitions Unfinished 2019-06-25 meredithguy 46 2 edit
male reproductive reverse definitions Unfinished 2022-02-15 meredithguy 55 3 edit
WhiteMod Well Baby Reverse Definitions Unfinished 2020-06-30 emilys1232 30 3 edit
Female Exam Review Female Exam Review Unfinished 2020-06-09 emilys1232 21 4 edit
Female Exam Rev Defs Reverse Definitions Unfinished 2020-06-09 emilys1232 45 4 edit
Female Exam Abbrevs Abbreviations Unfinished 2020-06-09 emilys1232 40 4 edit

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