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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Excelsior Chronicity Excelsior Chronicity Nursing 2015-02-03 aaprice 626 2 edit
Excelsior Repro Reproductive Health Unfinished 2018-12-01 aaprice 543 6 edit
vocab 10/28 vocab 10/28 Unfinished 2013-10-28 aaprice 10 0 edit
Fluid & Electrolytes Chronic Exam #1 Nursing 2016-02-13 waiddancer 75 12 edit
Pharmacology Phlash Memory game to help with pharm meds Nursing 2022-08-14 blricha1 114 43 edit
Life Span Ch 19 Developmental Stages- Freud, Erikson, Piaget, Kohlberg Nursing 2022-10-14 Perseverandovercome 42 16 edit
care of the child child health promotion/safety Nursing 2009-05-12 doerrd 114 2 edit
Childhood Childhood Nursing 2009-06-21 LinhStudy 24 1 edit
Pediatrics Childhood Development - School Age Child (6-12 yrs.) Nursing 2015-12-08 csatlose 10 3 edit
Stack #184241 Common Communicable Diseases of Childhood Nursing 2008-12-07 Izobel5614 48 1 edit
Nursing 4 Exam 1 death & dying & the grieving process Nursing 2011-09-29 jbittner 28 1 edit
test4part3 death and dying sexuality Nursing 2009-10-18 chelsea309 16 1 edit
chapter 1 unit 1 developmental stages of aging Nursing 2016-02-13 culcleasure 22 7 edit
Dev. Age Categories Developmental Age Categories Nursing 2008-05-03 allisonfay 12 1 edit
Erickson_1 developmental stages Nursing 2011-06-14 zoranrula@yahoo.com 8 1 edit
*N126-U4-end of life Dobrisky-End of Life Care Nursing 2010-04-13 Lori Dobrisky 35 1 edit
RN Transition Excels RN transitions for Excelsior College Nursing 2018-12-01 Synamin 59 6 edit
Transition to RN Exc Excelsior College Transition Course Nursing 2022-03-06 Bgreen23 202 28 edit

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