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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Cómo vas To practice means of transportation in Spanish Spanish 2020-09-02 Sr-Vicente 8 0 edit
El transporte (easy) Basic means of transportation in SPanish Unfinished 2015-04-15 Sr-Vicente 8 0 edit
Clothing set 1 To learn common articles of clothing Spanish 2015-04-24 Sr-Vicente 6 0 edit
Deporte To review basic sports in Spanish Spanish 2022-04-03 Sr-Vicente 21 0 edit
¿Dónde está? Practice the countries Unfinished 2016-05-16 Sr-Vicente 14 0 edit
La casa I can practice the parts of the house in Spanish Unfinished 2016-08-19 Sr-Vicente 12 0 edit
La comida year 1 Spanish food year 1 Spanish 2016-08-28 Sr-Vicente 13 0 edit
Mi estuche Spanish school objects, I have, there is in Spanish Languages 2016-09-22 Sr-Vicente 13 0 edit
La musica To learn the different music instruments in pPanish and some music types Spanish 2017-10-06 Sr-Vicente 19 1 edit
Adjectives To learn some basic physical adjectives in Spanish. Unfinished 2017-04-26 Sr-Vicente 20 0 edit
Países ·1 To learn the continents of America and Europe in SPanish Spanish 2017-04-29 Sr-Vicente 12 0 edit
Descriptions Piction Review simple descriptions and clothing Spanish 2017-05-14 Sr-Vicente 17 0 edit
Rutinas I can describe my routine in Spanish Spanish 2019-09-15 Sr-Vicente 12 0 edit
Las profesiones Practice naming professions in Spanish Spanish 2020-06-02 Sr-Vicente 11 0 edit

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